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Sox and the Kindle.



Nice write-up from Publishers Weekly about the Kindle edition of my book Sox and the City:

“Roeper, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist and co-host of Ebert & Roeper, grew up an impenetrable and sometimes irritable Sox fan. Here, he examines the history and culture of Chicago’s second baseball team, and his personal history as a fan, with the kind of devotion usually reserved for family memoirs…Naturally, Roeper peppers his narrative with movie references, as well as fun sidebars and details about long-forgotten games and players. His irreverent style-alternately witty and abrasive-recalls Chuck Klosterman’s essays on pop culture and music, and his take on such subjects as the old Comiskey Park and the joys of owning season tickets for a losing team are detailed, funny and quick. Sox fans will love this one, Cubs fans will mock it and the unaffiliated will better understand what it means to be a true baseball fan.”

Sox and the City

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