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I’m thinking of making this the cover of the book.

Took this shot with my iPhone when I was at the friggin’ dog races in Kenosha, Wisc. (Ah, the glamor!) Note the scribbling that says, “I truly suck at picking these fucking dogs.” Didn’t even realize I’d made that notation until I downloaded the pic.


15 Responses to “I’m thinking of making this the cover of the book.”

  1. RudeDude Says:

    you can do better

  2. Mike Says:

    I think it’s perfect… one of those pictures where every element is necessary to really “make it.” It wouldn’t be as good without the beer, it wouldn’t be as good without the [presumably losing] tickets, and it definitely wouldn’t as good without the “fucking dogs” note, but those all add up to tell a very full story, somewhat subtly. I can’t imagine a publisher going for it, though!

  3. Hoosier Native Says:

    Hate to sound like mom………….get back to work on that book!

  4. Bryan J. Says:

    Awesome! It’s so honest, not trying to make seem very important. Like you see most book covers would have some sort of silhouette or landscape, and this is just like, “Man, this is life.” USE IT!

  5. Todd S Says:

    Hey Richard!

    I am a big fan. I just wanted to let you know about the cruelties of dog racing. The dogs are put in cages for 20 hours a day while sitting on shredded paper. The are feed rancid meat most of the time and most injuries occurred on the track are not treated correctly. I adopted a greyhound with a broken foot, that didnt heal right. The dogs do not recieve the appropiate dental care, after racing my dog had to have 11 teeth removed because of her poor diet.. Dog racing isnt something that should be glamorized or encouraged.

  6. Randy Says:

    Todd S – RIGHT ON! Thanks for posting that. Even if you’re not a die-hard vegetarian type, you don’t have to support cruelty in animals.

  7. Kristin70 Says:

    I am really, really disappointed. I have read your works for years and I was a huge fan of your style and ideas. Please take one hour and educate yourself on dog racing. Do the dogs love to run? Perhaps. But at what cost? Due to their size, ease of transportation and ease of disposal, inhumane treatment is rampant. Not all owners treat them badly, of course. But the numbers of those who do cannot be ignored.
    I do not own greyhounds, have never attended a race, but the credible documentation from both private and government sectors is available to anyone who makes the effort to find it.
    Yes, as of now, you have the right to make the choice to attend the races just as your readers can choose to read your works or not. I feel strongly enough about this subject and particularly, your choice to promote it that I can no longer follow your career.

  8. richard Says:


    I appreciate your comments, but you’re assuming I’m somehow going to glamorize dog racing merely by writing about it. Why don’t you wait until the book comes out before you judge the content? Perhaps my take on dog racing will be something less than complimentary. Much less.

    All the best,


  9. Kristin70 Says:

    Point made and taken. I will follow up and read the book to learn your complete thoughts on dog racing. I apologize for assuming I knew how you felt, but with your “proposed” title calling them “fucking” dogs, it wasn’t much of a leap for me, Randy and Todd to believe that your concern is more about which dog places than anything else.
    I always wish those in the public eye understood how much the masses are inclined to emulate them. Any doubt or guilt feelings some may experience is negated when they see a “celebrity” engage in same. I do not feel you have to live your life as an example to anyone, I just ask you to make it clear when you believe something is amiss. You have a further reach than you may feel you do, or wish to have, and fully realizing that will impact your legacy as much as your writing.

  10. Brian Says:

    How I wish we could get past the idea that those in the public eye (or anyone for that matter) bear responsibility for the opinions or actions of others. Mr. Roeper bears no obligation to censor his explatives or to take on every concivable issue tangentially associated with his research, lest someone think he is endorsing harmful activity. We all have a finite ammount of time and resources in our life, and we all do the best we can to address those problems near and dear to our hearts. Using a portion of that time to lambast others who champion different causes helps no one.

  11. JR Says:

    Is is wrong to start judging this book by it’s….oh, never mind.

  12. andrew Says:

    people might think you work for the hollywood reporter.

  13. Michael Says:

    Not a good cover. If I were rich like you I’d hire Chip Kidd.

  14. Tony Healy Says:

    Love it as the cover! Perfect! I vote yes.

  15. Barbara Palmer Says:

    Oh, what a good cover that would be. That is a cover that would definitely make me pick up the book to see what it was about. You’ll never do better.

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