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The Michigan fork.

A million years ago, David Letterman did a bit on his show where he’d hold up a giant prop fork and say, “This is a big fork. It’s just plain BIG.” Because it was David Letterman and he has one of the best deliveries in the history of comedy, there was something funny about Dave holding that fork and proclaiming, “It’s just plain BIG.”

Behold the Michigan fork.




It’s like a regular fork, only…bigger. I came across this fork in a diner in New Buffalo earlier this week, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. This is what America needs—-a larger utensil to scoop up even more food to shove down its collective throat?

4 Responses to “The Michigan fork.”

  1. sean callahan Says:

    At Rosie’s for breakfast, perhaps? Have a place in Grand Beach and we go there often. Love dem big forks!

  2. Michael Says:

    I can imagine. I have to imagine what you have there because there is nothing about this picture that conveys size. This photo made me think of the way people move their hands close to the camera lens and back out when referencing a 3d movie. This is about as successful at simulating the 3d effect. This looks like a blurry closeup of any old fork. I do appreciate your point. How about including something so we get a sense of its scale?

  3. Chris Says:

    Or maybe Redamaks?

  4. Lynne Says:

    It’s funny that I came upon this blog entry as I was eating soup with the biggest soup spoon known to man. I asked the server if there was some reason for the oversized spoon or if she even noticed its largeness: “yea. It’s big, I know, I guess it’s some kinda gimmick.”

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