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Danny Gans, R.I.P.

Danny Gans, 52

TMZ and others are reporting that Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans has died at 52. I remember seeing a “60 Minutes” feature on Gans a few years back, after I’d seen him do his one-man show in Vegas. In a 90-minute set, Gans would whip through maybe a hundred impersonations—-everyone from George Burns to Bill Clinton to Michael Jackson. His act was pretty corny (“Here’s a scene from ‘On Golden Pond’ “) and not all of the imitations were spot-on in a Frank Caliendo kind of way, but Gans was an undeniably talented and charismatic performer, and a real crowd favorite.

Gans was unique in that he didn’t seem to have any interested in expanding his empire beyond the Nevada state lines. I don’t remember seeing him on the road, and as I recall, the “60 Minutes” piece said he often turned down overtures to do TV. (He did play Dean Martin in a TV movie about Frank Sinatra in the early 1990s.) A former minor league baseball player, Gans was cast in “Bull Durham” but was cut out of the film. Mostly, though, he seemed to be ┬ácontent making tens of millions of dollars in Vegas (the Mirageeventually built the Danny Gans Theater for him) and living a relatively quiet life.

Gans always seemed to be in great shape and appeared to be the picture of health. News of his death this morning is a real shocker. May he rest in peace.

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  1. DEEJAY Says:

    I saw him in vegas live he was really good at what he did It shocked me that he died at a young age Vegas will never be the same without him.

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