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Is this the most cynical bumper sticker ever?


It’s certainly one of the most childish comments I’ve ever seen plastered on somebody’s car. As I wrote when Barack Obama was elected, only the most naive of Americans would think the new president would have magical powers to cure all of what ails us. So three months after the Inauguration, you’re asking how that whole hope and change thing is working out for us? What’s your point? To get an easy laugh? To show everyone how clever and cynical you can be?

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to junk up your car with a bumper sticker proclaiming ANYTHING, I’m all for it. The right to free speech extends to kitschy automobile philosophies. But that message tells me the owner of that car is gloating over what he/she perceives to be some kind of monumental failure on the part of the Obama administration. As if John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Jesus himself could have turned things around in 100 days.

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  1. sammy Says:

    Incredible that some people think that all the problems that America has and which were created over many years could be turned around in just 100 days. It will take time and may take more than a single term to right all that needs to be righted, but Obama has given and continues to provide hope that one day we will again be OK. Hope for the future is greater than the legacy of despair of the last 8 years.

  2. Michael Desantis Says:

    And fox news is not helping either, I can see o’reilly, hannity & beck open bottles of champagne.

  3. Ranman Says:

    No, it’s not a cynical bumper sticker.
    It’s desperate right-wing nonsense. That’s all.

    As they continue to struggle to find a platform they all can agree upon, and as their hard-core right base threatens to splinter away, we can expect more of this sort of hopeless lashing-out.

    At this point, it’s all they’ve got.

  4. Michael Evans Says:

    I’m rooting for Obama as much as anyone, but in god help me, that made me laugh.

  5. Justin Zarian Says:

    Now I am a big conservative, but this was kind of a rude bumper sticker. No, I don’t think Obama’s doing the best job in the world but no I won’t go as far as insulting the man. Despite what I may think of him, he is our president and for better or worst we should hope the best from any person in their presidency (which makes me upset when people say Bush is worst than any president we’ve had before, because I believe guys like Hoover were worse).

    I do kind of agree with this sticker only in that I think they WAY oversold the “change” aspect of Barack’s candidacy, but I don’t think rubbing it in someone’s face will get you anywhere. If we really want to get things resolved, the political parties need to stop bickering over things that don’t truly matter and work together on some level to solve real problems like the recession.

  6. Native Hoosier Says:

    Patriotic Fox type creedo – I hope this plane crashes in flames, then you’ll see I was right when I told you the pilot was inept.


  7. Brian Says:

    I guess they were sold out of stickers that said “I rate the president’s policies for the first three months as a failure to deliver the ‘hope’ and ‘change’ promised during the preceding election, but I will withhold judgement on the remainder of his term until a suitable date.”

    All bumper stickers are inane. Any opinion that can be represented in a space of 3″ by 1′ and read at 65 miles per hour is probably not representative of the entire issue.

  8. Chris Says:

    Now that would be an interesting bumper sticker Brian. I think the saddest part of this whole situation is there are probably a lot more people that have this bumper sticker being shown off “proudly” on their cars. Obama has made it very clear that change is not going to happen instantly. I guess we need to explain that a few thousand more times to people who have bumper stickers like this. If you look at the small print at the bottom, its a website with ‘right wing’ in the title…

  9. Michael Says:

    With “talent on loan from God” being blown hard from day one you would think it was all about politics. Some people would rather see the US and the world sink, and even take part in its destruction, than to see a Democrat as a good president.

  10. Thadd Says:

    Agreed. Case in point: Driving through Los Angeles last week, I saw a bumper sticker that read “God is my pilot”. Not “co-pilot”, as is usually the case. But just PILOT. I pulled up alongside him, and was surprised to see his hands were still on the wheel, and he was driving alone. Maybe the pilot called in sick?

  11. Frosty Says:

    I’m going to visit Austria this summer. I better bring my English/Austian dictionary.

  12. Frosty Says:

    Correction: Austrian

  13. Jerry U Says:

    I’m a twenty two year vet of the Air Force. During most of those years, I was a die-hard Republican.

    But then I hit my middle-aged years and somehow wizened up to an extent.

    I’ve served in Iraq and I’ve seen the ‘aftermath’ of skirmishes that I wish that I could forget.

    I don’t consider myself a democrat, but dammit…I truly think that it’s long past time that we pulled out of Iraq and that our current President is the one who will do it.

    In my mind, he brings ‘hope’ and ‘change’.

  14. Charliebabbit Says:

    Well, his plan never had a solid direction to begin with. Some of us know this, others are dreaming and will be saying the same thing his whole presidency. Then, after its all over, the dollar goes down the tubes, we give the cold shoulder to the Brits, alienate Israel and make friends with the murderers in Palestine and Irag. All of you morons will still blame G. Bush for everything, just like Obama is doing in his speeches.

  15. Alejandro Carrillo Says:

    Hello Everyone, my name is Alejandro and im from Venezuela, im Graphic Desgner and film critic for a local newspaper, what do you think about the encounter betwen Obama and Chavez?

  16. Mark Ragland Says:

    As a conservative and a great fan of Adam Smith and his thoughts on the free market, it’s been clear over the years that there is some degree of regulation needed – particularly in businesses with such far-reaching influence as banking, airlines, etc. On that note, it is good to see some things reigned in once again. The fear, though, is that government influence can run amok as surely as business freedom can.

    Tounge and cheek as the Jesus comment probably was, I don’t think He’d need 100 seconds, let alone 100 days.

  17. Bump Sticker Says:

    In order to gloat, you need to have actually predicted something that turned out to be true. There is no substance in the remarks on this bumper sticker, just the insane rantings of the terminally stupid. This insane idea that Obama has somehow failed in his first 100 days isn’t a right or left issue, those are just labels perpertuated by the media that should be avoided. This is the sane v. the insane. There may be sane people who actually believe that too much government intervention can lead to problems, however no sane person can believe that President Obama is the cause of the current economic crisis, is endangering America by opening up dialogues with our enemies, or has caused the swine flu outbreak. The people smart enough to know this but still spread these lies are hoping to fool the ignorant for their own enrichment or are just simple racists. The truth is not their goal. They do not want an informed electorate, nor do they want you participating in or paying attention to the governing of this nation. Historically, it has not been difficult to fool the American public, let’s hope it is more difficult this time because this B.S. is going to continue. These “dead-enders” never rest and their goal is to come up with one stupid talking point per day until they reach their ultimate goal of retaking the White House and restoring the dictatorship we had under Bush.

  18. A1 Says:

    When you consider that two states are trying to not just legalize but tax marijuana, this country might reopen trade relations with Cuba, and gay people can get married IN IOWA, the funny thing about that bumper sticker is that change has already begun! I highly doubt the bumper sticker cynics would have thought any of those things would have happened right after Obama takes office.

    And of course, if Bush and Cheney face trial for war crimes, that would be quite a change (and one that would work out for me just fine!)

  19. John Says:

    Speaking of ridiculous bumper stickers, there’s a car in the parking lot at work that has a bumper sticker that reads: “Who Would Osama Vote For?” It’s ridiculously stems mostly from the fact that I don’t understand it. Who is this bumper sticker for and who is it against? And how did Osama get into the country and into a ballet box and no one report it?

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