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Is this the most cynical bumper sticker ever?


It’s certainly one of the most childish comments I’ve ever seen plastered on somebody’s car. As I wrote when Barack Obama was elected, only the most naive of Americans would think the new president would have magical powers to cure all of what ails us. So three months after the Inauguration, you’re asking how that whole hope and change thing is working out for us? What’s your point? To get an easy laugh? To show everyone how clever and cynical you can be?

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to junk up your car with a bumper sticker proclaiming ANYTHING, I’m all for it. The right to free speech extends to kitschy automobile philosophies. But that message tells me the owner of that car is gloating over what he/she perceives to be some kind of monumental failure on the part of the Obama administration. As if John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Jesus himself could have turned things around in 100 days.

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