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Butchering Beyonce’s vocals.

The computer whiz who butchered Beyonce’s vocals and hoaxed the world explains it all. Fine, you’re not ‘stupid.’ In fact, you’re obviously a bright young man, and you make some cogent points about the ways in which celebrities are helped by pitch-correction software, photo retouching etc.

But this was still a pissy little thing to do. And I’m not so sure that embarrassing Beyonce and duping the likes of Howard Stern is going to help you find a job.

4 Responses to “Butchering Beyonce’s vocals.”

  1. dw Says:

    cool. it’s great to see someone finally tell us how computers work. never would of guessed. now i understand that scene from phantom of the paradise where Paul Williams mixes the vocals.

  2. Agatha J. Says:

    Nah, this doesn’t seem like either a bad thing or a good thing for his future career. I doubt a firm will refuse to hire him because “He could screw up the video to make us look dumb!”. In fact, there are bosses who might be very impressed by his work. This prank could be a great calling card for him.

  3. Randy L Says:

    dw – you never would HAVE guessed. Man people don’t know how to speak English properly.

  4. Celebrity News Says:

    Beyonce is so gifted! I am from Houston too! Nice to see a woman from my home town be one of the top 100 most powerful and influential celebrities in the world!

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