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Please hold all registry requests.

Something tells me this particular wedding registry will soon be shut down.

McAllister/Markoff wedding.


6 Responses to “Please hold all registry requests.”

  1. Agatha J. Says:

    Hey, don’t laugh at his fiancee. None of what happened is any of her fault and she probably knew nothing of it. Poor woman had her upcoming marriage ruined and her life turned upside down- she should get your pity.

  2. girard31 Says:

    I think he’ll be the belle of the prison ball by then…

  3. Ryan Gobel Says:

    Who wants to go halfsies with me on the Martha Stewart Cutting board? It’s on sale!

    In all seriousness though, how come the Registry is still available? I suppose in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty, the wedding is still on?

  4. Jason Hutchinson Says:

    Hey, I notice that someone bought them the luggage set. Maybe she can use it to get the hell away from him.

  5. Agatha J. Says:

    One thing. The comment about her fiancée being “a beautiful person” maybe the absolute truth. There are many truly decent and good people who have committed crimes leading up to murder. Either out of addiction, desperation, insanity, etc.

    Plus, that he killed a woman doesn’t mean he isn’t a good partner. A person can treat one woman like a queen end up murdering another.

  6. Michael Says:

    “…its goal is to rally people “”against the media who is quick to place blame, against the culture that has forgotten that people like Phil are suspects, not killers.””

    This “suspect” thing gets so twisted the media uses “suspect” when referring to killers caught on video committing the crime as clear as day.

    Every event is the crest of a wave from which you either fall backwards or are propelled forward. Something major like the O.J. verdict propelled many to see the limitations of the legal system. “Not guilty” meant not proven in criminal court to the extent that the system required. For others, it was a demonstration of innocence, as in he did not kill two people, simply because it was a “not guilty” verdict. These people either fail or refuse to look to see what is beyond the surface.

    I wonder if Markoff is proven guilty in court will the fiancee be another innocent victim or is she accountable for being so oblivious as to select a serial killer for a husband?

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