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Richard Roeper Reviews “The 24-Hour War”

First, the talented and versatile director/producer Nate Adams and the terrific and always entertaining cynic/humorist/author/podcaster/actor/filmmaker/racing enthusiast/bunch of other stuff Adam Carolla teamed up for “Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman,” a fascinating documentary about the legendary actor’s 35-year career as a serious race car driver and owner.

Now they pair up for “The 24 Hour War,” an equally gripping doc about the intense, oft-dangerous, high-stakes rivalry between the Ford and Ferrari dynasties, leading up to some epic battles of the 1960s at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Given their storytelling abilities and their passion for cars, I’m pretty sure these guys could give us an entertaining doc about the fiasco of the 1971 Ford Pinto, the heartbreak of the Pontiac Aztek–or why Hot Wheels were always cooler than Matchbox Cars.

“The 24 Hour War” is the definitive look at the high-speed, high-stakes feud between Ford and Ferrari, featuring some great archival footage, insightful interviews with legends such as Mario Andretti (who still has a movie star presence) looking back on the rivalry, and constant visual reminders of just how cool and gorgeous those cars were in the 1960s–and just how crazy the drivers were, to the point where they wouldn’t take the time to buckle up their seatbelts at Le Mans because it might mean losing a precious second or two of time at the start of the race.

Roeper Review: Three and a half stars

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