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Photo essay.

Thought I’d share a few iPhone photos from my recent adventures.

Lots of chips and a cold PBR. It doesn’t get much better than that. Well OK, it does–but nevertheless.


I don’t usually play the video poker games, but I dropped a few bucks into one while waiting for a beer at Caesars in Vegas, and voila. Straight flush.


At a  charity event with my friends Craig Carter, Tim King (future president of the United States) and Chris Zorich. WTF is the deal with that hair, RR.

My friend MC with “House,” who works at the Boss Bar. Looks like one of those shots you see in the Guinness Book of Records. House is just a LITTLE bit taller than MC.

My friend Karl, helping some guy with his golf game.

This signed Tracy Nelson photo was on the wall in the makeup room in the studio complex where I did a shoot for Starz the other day. The studio is in Denver. Wasn’t “The Father Dowling Mysteries” set in Chicago? I’m so confused…

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