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Lindsay Lohan mocks herself. So we don’t have to.

It’s a game attempt and it yields a couple of chuckles, but there’s something kind of sad about this. You can almost sense that Lohan knows it’s really not funny—-especially when the truth is so raw and borderline pathetic. A talented young actress has made an absolute wreck of her personal life, and she seems unable or unwilling to stop the bullshit, get some help and concentrate on her career and doing something more with her life beyond hitting the paparazzi-friendly joints and getting into public dustups.

Just because you’re in on the joke doesn’t mean people will stop laughing at you, or feeling sorry for you. I wish this kid would figure it out before the train goes completely off the tracks.

Not that she’s a kid any more.

5 Responses to “Lindsay Lohan mocks herself. So we don’t have to.”

  1. Adam Says:

    It is quite sad.

    She still is young and she can turn her life around but she needs to do it soon.

  2. K.M Says:

    That is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever seen!…Oh the days of Mean Girls where are you?

  3. Agatha J. Says:

    Well, I like it that she has a sense of humor about herself. Unlike a Paris Hilton (who admittedly has parodied herself a few times but allegedly refused to do any deprecating SNL skit when she hosted and angrily nixed a sketch about a sex tape), she can laugh at herself.

  4. RudeDude Says:

    I thought it was funny, what’s sad is, that the description fits most of women I end up getting involved with.

  5. Christopher Z. Says:

    Sorry, but I wouldn’t date Lindsey Lohan if my life depended on it.

    Sometimes when young stars have lots of money, they do not know what to do with it all or how to manage it. They end up blowing it all on drugs, alcohol, parties, or whatever.

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