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Gambling for a good cause

Since I started the great gambling experiment last week, I’ve heard from at least a dozen charities and individuals who have made basically the same pitch.

It goes something like this:

“Hey Rich, how about gambling $1,000 on a worthy cause? For a thousand dollars, you can buy 20 raffle tickets for the Such-and-Such Organization, which helps…”

There are so many fundraising efforts taking place at any one time. So many good causes. So many great folks who are volunteering their time and effort to help out someone else. It’s incredibly inspiring to see that people are still giving so much of themselves, even if they might be experiencing personal financial challenges. It’s also more than a little depressing to see how many different individuals and organizations are in dire need of help.

I’ve already signed on to buy $1,000 worth of tickets for one such raffle. I wish I could do it every day of the month, but of course that’s not what the book is about. I’ll try to do as much as I can to help out with silent auction donations, promises to appear at events, etc.

Also, I’m not yet to the halfway point of the book. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you’ve got a charity poker tournament or some other gambling opportunity that happens to benefit a worthy cause. You never know, it might be something I can do for the book. Thanks to all for sending in your suggestions.



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  1. Ryan Says:

    Although, if you think about it, doing $1,000 a day for charity raffles could ultimately give one some pretty sweet prizes. I know that for $20 once I won a digital camera. I still give to that charity today because of it. (although, not just because I won a prize.)

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