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‘Home:’ Story lacks originality and zest “C”


I’m Richard Roeper and coming up next, an misfit alien and an adorable little girl team up to do amazing animated things! It’s my review of “Home,” next.

The latest animated adventure from Dreamworks has a nifty look and a sweet message, but it feels like we’ve seen this all before in better movies.

The Boovs are proud of their standing as the most cowardly race in all the galaxies. Whenever the evil Gorg determines their location and heads their way, the Boovs run for their lives—this time to the planet Earth, where they relocate nearly all the humans in the world to a brightly colored amusement park in Australia. Let’s it: we’re talking about an alien invasion in which the native populace is relocated to a prison camp. Fun setup for a kids’ movie!

Pop megastar Rihanna does fine work voicing Tip, a seventh-grader who was separated from her mother during the Boovian invasion and will do anything to find her. Tip’s pretty awesome as girl-power role model. She’s smart, funny, sweet and fiercely determined to outmaneuver the Boovs and find her way to her mother.

Tip despises the Boovs, but after a meet-cute with a Boov named Oh in a convenience store, she’s stuck with this particular Boov.

Oh is so named because whenever other Boovians see him, they say “Oh,” as in “Oh,” not him. He’s voiced by Jim Parsons from “The Big Bang Theory.” Parsons is a talent, but every line reading screams, “Hey I’m Jim Parsons!”

Steve Martin is a hoot as the cowardly Captain Smek, leader of the Boovs. He gets some of the movie’s biggest laughs.

One fun feature: the Boovs change colors according tot heir moods. Their “home” color is purple, but they’ll go green or red depending on the situation, while other features shape-shift.

The problem is, the story lacks originality and zest. Tip and Oh banter and bicker and bond and banter and bicker and bond. Anyone over 10 will see the plot twists a mile away. Kids will probably enjoy the goofy Boovs and the rainbows of colors and the music. Call me a traditionalist, but I still say the world was a better place before those darn Boovs invaded. I give “Home” a C.

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