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I’m 54th. With a bullet.

Of the 1 million-plus entrants in the CBS bracket challenge, I’m currently ranked 54th. Winning this pool is tantamount to winning the lottery. So far, I’ve missed on a handful of games—but I have all 16 of the Sweet Sixteen teams.

As you might guess, that means I’m up more than a little on my individual bets for the book. Stay tuned.




5 Responses to “I’m 54th. With a bullet.”

  1. Eric Says:

    either one of two things is going to happen… 1) you’ll eventually face some massive losses to balance out the incredible start or 2) you’ll have the least realistic book on gambling ever written! (30 days of non-stop winning including a Royal Flush and a nationwide NCAA tournament pool? what’s next? Winning a celebrity death pool with the longest odds selection of all three of the Jonas Brothers over Kirk Douglas?)

    Good call on Arizona, by the way…

  2. Jerry U Says:

    Here’s hoping that your hot streak continues.

  3. Stooge Says:

    Rich, ever consider changing your book into a “How to Succeed at Gambling” tome? You know it’ll sell better than the current idea, right?

  4. Nelson Says:

    I live in Seattle and I am a die hard Washington Huskies fan, and people can say Purdue is the better team, but they arent, there were no pac10 officials in that game, and 1 official who called over half the fouls against the Huskies worked in the Big 10, which is Purdue’s conference. There were no fouls called on John Brockman ,he was getting smashed and of course no calls, and Venoy Overton, who is known for his harassing defense, was taken out of the game by the refs because they called so many ticky tack fouls on him, The Huskies are clearly a better team, but they rely on 3 freshman to play big minutes, and the refs were horirble, which didn’t help the Huskies any. Huskies are by far the best team in the nation.

  5. Suzann Says:

    I hope you win a truckload for the charities!

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