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A royale with cheese.

Got a Royal Flush last night. (My hand is the J-10 of spades.) Fortunately, my opponent had pocket Kings and flopped a set, so I was actually able to win a decent-sized pot with the hand.

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  1. sammy Says:

    Can you explain what “pocket Kings and flopped a set” means in terms that someone with very limited knowledge of poker can understand? Thanks.

  2. Annie Benson Says:

    I wonder how approachable his book will be to non-gambling enthusiatists. I don’t gamble myself (well, except for that whole getting married thing) and I don’t understand any but the most basic of gambling terminology. I like Richard’s writing style and have read a couple of his books. But I can’t honestly see myself making it through a book that sends me scurrying off to wiki every other paragraph. I guess I’ll have to read a few amazon reviews to see if the target audience is people like me or other fans of gambling.

  3. Eric Says:

    wow! i’m not a gambler, but I do know a thing about odds and probability, and i’m guessing there are people who go their whole lives without getting a Royal Flush (to their benefit) in a poker game. notice how I said I’d “guess” that, not bet that!

    (for the laymen — Richard was dealt a 10 and Jack of spades. His opponent was dealt two Kings. His opponent seemingly had a better hand. Then the Dealer dealt three cards onto center of the table. A King (of Spades), a Two (of Spades), and an Ace (of Spades). These are cards that both players can use to make the best hand. Richard had a “flush” — five cards that were all spades! Which is good. His opponent, using the same common cards, had 3 Kings. Also good, but not as good as Richard’s. And then the Dealer laid down another card. The Queen of Spades. Again, this was a common card both could use. So Richard now had a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all of Spades. That’s a royal flush. Unstoppable. The dealer still had a fifth and final card to deal (the Jack of Clubs), but there’s no way Richard could lose this hand. What’s good for Richard is that his Opponent still had a pretty good hand, Three Kings, which means he wasn’t going to fold without first making some bets… bets that Richard knew he could win)

  4. Jerry U Says:

    I ‘almost’ won a game of Uno tonight…*snarf*

    All kidding aside, getting a Royal Flush is pretty awesome. Congratulations!

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  6. Matt R Says:

    Wow, with four cards to a flush and four cards to a straigt on the board, I’m surprised you were able to make money out of it. Seems like the Kings should know there are tons of things out there that could have them crushed. Of course, I don’t know how the play was on each street, what you or he bet, or what type of betting was involved pre-flop, not to mention what kind of player he was or you are. Either way, I almost pee my pants when I’m drawing to a royal flush; I don’t know what I’d do if I actually made one. I’ve played a lot of poker, and I’ve only had a handful of straight flushes, but never the royal.

  7. Eladio Says:

    I agree with Matt…I’m surprised he was able to get paid off even marginally even if his opponent had Trip K’s. Any spade, or just 1 10 beats the trip K’s. What RR needed was the deuce of clubs on the river (or any card on the board to pair), giving his opponent the full boat. Then he would have made a killing. The case K would have been nice too.

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