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In the news this week: gambling and movies.

From Variety:

Starz back on ‘Inside’

By DANIEL FRANKEL Starz has announced the return of its movie-themed special series “Starz Inside” hosted by critic Richard Roeper. The program will return to the pay cabler’s schedule June 9 at 10 p.m. with the installment titled “The Face Is Familiar,” which will showcase the work of character thesps including Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack, Stephen Tobolowsky, Danny Trejo, Jane Lynch and Michael Madsen.

Other installments slated to bow throughout the summer and fall will focus on movie zombies, villains, comics and sex.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

RICH … OR NOT: Roeper really will be getting into betting

Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper’s next book is a sure thing. As sure as anything can be that’s not yet written. Wanna bet? Roeper does. And that’s the theme behind this work, which will be published in the spring of 2010 by Chicago Review Press, which also published Roeper’s Sox and the City.

The working title of his new effort: Bet the House: How I gambled $1,000 a day for 30 straight days on poker, casino games, the lottery and a flip of the coin. ”It’s basically the ‘Super Size Me’ of gambling,” he said. ”Each day for a month, I have to risk at least $1,000 on some form of gambling, from the OTB to the dog races in Kenosha to a poker tournament in Vegas to blackjack in beautiful French Lick, Ind. I will keep a running bankroll, just like [the late Sun-Times horse handicapper Dave] Feldman used to do in his column back in the day.”

Roeper will kick off his gambling adventure Thursday, the real first day of the NCAA tournament. His book also will take a look at the gambling culture and his gambling stories, beginning with the first bet he made — when he was 9.

”At some point during the book, I have to risk at least 25 percent of the bankroll on one wager, whether it’s the roll of a dice or a single sporting event,” he said. ”If I double the bankroll, I double the minimum risk per day. If I reach a certain level, the profits will go to charity. If I lose, I lose.” For readers, it sounds more like a win-win situation.

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  1. bettyd Says:

    Richard –

    THis is a cool idea. I absolutely loved the nonfiction book called “The Odds” by Chad Millman that is about Las Vegas sports betting and follows the NCAA basketball season. It is fascinating how the odds are determined and how people are professional sports bettors. I guess the NCAA really does produce the most betting of any non-superbowl event. All the newspapers, and sports cable companies have their own little tournaments to enter, of course just for fun! Good Luck with this! I think it is interesting that you are doing games to no skill like lottery, coin flips, along with games that people think they can beat like sports betting and poker. I wonder which will win more for you?

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