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‘Hours’: In overlong drama, Paul Walker put to the test

One of the last roles of the late Paul Walker’s career was also one of the most substantial and most challenging parts Walker was ever given.

Walker does some pretty solid work throughout “Hours.” (And if you’re looking to pique ZERO casual interest in your film via the title, by all means call it “Hours.” I mean, “Movie” would be a more provocative label.) One only wishes Walker had stronger, better developed material instead of a promising drama that eventually unravels and seems overlong even with a running time of 96 minutes.

“Hours” is set in the New Orleans of 2005, during and immediately after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. We get glimpses of the storm’s horrific power, mostly via news footage (and in one devastatingly effective moment when one character sees what has happened to his city), but much of the story is something that could have been staged as a one-man play…


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