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What do you do with a giant drinking thingee?

OK, so you had that wacky night at the gimmicky bar in Vegas, where the dueling piano players encourage the crowd to sing the dirty lyrics, and they encourage you to buy the giant drinking thingee and chug-chug-chug as everyone cheers you on. You even get to keep the purple plastic flute as a souvenir!

It’s the next morning. You’re so hungover you’re contemplating a trip to the emergency room, but you manage to get it together, pack your shit and head for the airport. In the corner, there’s the giant purple pasting drinking thingee. What to do? Leave it behind, in the true tradition of what happens in Vegas blah blah blah?

Or do you rinse it out, sling it over your shoulder and head for the door?


Obviously the giant purple plastic drinking device is a carry-on item. So you’re going to have to figure out how to stash it under your seat, as it’s not going to fit into the overhead bins. But let’s say you work all that out, and you make it home.

Now what? What exactly do you do with the GPPDD? Put it on display? Use it on a regular basis at the breakfast table? Turn it into some sort of vase?

I’m just asking.

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