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REVIEW: ‘Enough Said’: James Gandolfini shows his lovable side

James Gandolfini’s first appearance in “Enough Said” will quite likely take you out of the story for just a bittersweet moment.

I know it did for me. Whether it was his signature role in “The Sopranos” or the terrific character work in films ranging from “True Romance” to “Zero Dark Thirty,” the bearish Gandolfini was always a welcome presence in just about anything he did, and you can’t help but reflect on his recent and sudden passing when you see him in one of his last film roles.

But here’s a lovely thing. After a career playing mobsters, hit men, heavies and military figures, Gandolfini plays that rarest of types in “Enough Said.” He’s a middle-aged man who falls in love with a middle-aged woman. And he delivers one of the richest performances of his career.

Gandolfini’s Albert and Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Eva are both divorced, both with teenage daughters about to go off to college. They’re also smart, funny, world-weary — and pleasantly surprised to find themselves courting just when they’d reached the point where romance didn’t even seem to be an option.



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