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Cardinals, Chargers and “Hostel Part II”

Of the Cardinals, the Chargers and why I’m so hostile about “Hostel Part II:

This is why I stopped betting on sports (other than the fact that it’s ILLEGAL and WRONG, ha ha ha):

I thought the Arizona Cardinals were much better six weeks ago than they are now, and I figured Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and the Atlanta Falcons would take them down. I also believed Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts were maybe the best team in the NFL going into the playoffs and they’d defeat the 8-8 Chargers, who admittedly have been coming on.

A. Never discount home-field advantage.
B. What do I know anyway?

The Cards and the Chargers advanced. For the Colts and the Falcons, it’s go home, as Faith Hill would sing.

One other programming note from Saturday: For some reason as I clicking around between watching the NFL playoffs and taking down my holiday decorations, I started watching “Hostel Part II” which was playing on one of the premium cable channels. (We somehow managed to avoid reviewing it on “Ebert & Roeper” when it was released.)

What a putrid, soul-sucking piece of garbage. How does a movie like that get an R rating? The violence and blood was pornographic and devoid of anything approaching the neighborhood of entertainment or art. From the scenes of children beating on a woman to the extended torture sequences to the beheading to the sequence in which kids PLAY SOCCER WITH A DECAPITATED WOMAN’S HEAD, this was one of the most depressing and disgusting movies I’ve ever seen. If you’re an actor, I don’t know how you take a role in a film like this without feeling like shit about it. I know I felt like shit just watching parts of the damn thing.

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