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REVIEW: ‘Drinking Buddies’ a full-bodied brew

Everything about “Drinking Buddies” seems just about right.

Take the fight, for example. There’s this guy, Luke, who’s helping his co-worker move. They rent a truck, but it won’t fit in one of those narrow Chicago neighborhood alleys behind the co-worker’s new digs, so they have to leave it in the middle of the street while they quickly unload the furniture.

Not quickly enough for the impatient motorist who lays on the horn and starts yelling for them to move the truck, NOW. The argument turns physical — but it’s not one of those typical movie fights with punches that sound like baseball bats hitting leather sofas. It’s brutal and aggressive but it’s also kind of stupid and embarrassing and awkward. These are two guys who don’t fight, getting into a fight.

So it goes with the causal conversations, the workplace friendships, the after-work get-togethers, the romances, the breakups and the quiet resolutions in “Drinking Buddies,” a through-and-through indie-feeling film from director-writer-editor Joe Swanberg that almost never falls into the trap of being too smug, too cool, in its casual realism.



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