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REVIEW: Pints well taken in ‘The World’s End’

The World’s End is a tavern. It is the last stop on the golden mile — a legendary, unfinished pub crawl that still haunts one Gary King 20 years after the night he and his best mates tried but failed to down one pint apiece in each of the 12 joints along the way.

As we see in the perfectly conceived, hipster-nostalgic opening sequence in “The World’s End,” Gary WAS a young king of sorts of 1990, a charismatic, devil-may-care teenager leading “The Five Musketeers” on a pub crawl through the idyllic city of Newton Haven, a pub crawl that was punctuated by beer, brawls, fistfights and more beer.

Gary even struck romantic gold with a comely lass in the restroom of one of those pubs — a tryst he remembers fondly and often, but one she probably hasn’t thought about since the Soup Dragons and the Happy Mondays were ruling the jukebox.

Cut to present day. Four of the musketeers have grown up. Jobs, marriage, children, suits, ties — all the trappings.


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