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REVIEW: ‘Jobs’ a system overload for Ashton Kutcher

Like many a reviewer, I am typing my thoughts about “Jobs” on an Apple computer that quite likely would not exist without the visionary genius of Steve Jobs.

The keyboard on my Macbook Air is the springiest, liveliest, loveliest, most wonderful keyboard I’ve ever known, easily handling my rapid-fire pounding of 90 words a minute, and yes I’m boasting about how fast I can type and yes, my experience with keyboards extends all the way back to actual typewriters.

I could go on and on about my love-hate-but-mostly-love relationship with Apple products —but we are here to talk about the movie about the man who co-founded the company and became a mythic figure to millions before his untimely death in October of 2011.

This is the cinematic equivalent of the Power Mac G4 Cube: nice to look at and interesting in some ways, but ultimately underwhelming…



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