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REVIEW: ‘In a World …’: Lake Bell finds her voice as director

In a world where independent, low-budget films would be just a figment of the imagination, Lake Bell would be cruising along with a nice but unspectacular career as the unconventionally beautiful, wisecracking best friend in big-screen romantic comedies, maybe the second-lead detective on a TV show.

Fortunately for Bell and for us, we don’t live in that world, so a talented actress who gets third or fifth or seventh billing in mainstream fare such as “What Happens in Vegas,” “It’s Complicated” and “No Strings Attached” has the opportunity to showcase her triple-threat talent in one of the funniest, smartest and most winning comedies in recent years.

“In a World…” is a reference to the movie trailer catchphrase made famous by the late, great Don LaFontaine, whose “Voice of God” was heard on hundreds of movie trailers and in countless TV ads. (Late in his career, LaFontaine appeared onscreen in those hilarious commercials for GEICO insurance.)



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