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REVIEW: “We’re the Millers”

I’m Richard Roeper and coming up next, Jennifer Aniston is a stripper, Jason Sudeikis is a pot dealer, Emma Roberts is a runaway and Ed Helms owns a whale. OK, that’s a start. My review of “We’re the Millers,” right now.

“We’re the Millers” is the definition of a hit-and-miss comedy. I’m sure some will groan at the outrageous antics and sometimes cringe-inducing gags. But thanks to a number of bits that DO work and the likable cast, I couldn’t resist this movie.

In a role Bill Murray might have played a generation ago, Jason Sudeikis is up to the task as David, a pot dealer who cares only about himself. In debt to a ruthless drug lord played by Ed Helms—that’s right—David is forced to go to Mexico to transport a huge shipment of dope to the USA. His plan? Create a fake family of All-American dorks to throw the border guards off the scent.

Jennifer Aniston’s a stripper named Rose, Emma Roberts is a hardass runaway named Casey and Will Poulter is an abandoned teen named Kenny. Off they go!

We get not one but two sequences in which Aniston gets to remind us she’s in great shape. No Mr. Skin, she doesn’t get naked. Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn score some laughs as a couple that befriend the Millers. Helms is miscast and I guess that’s the point, but he has a couple of moments.

Once the Millers hit the road, you kinda know where this is going to end up. It’s all about the journey, and despite more than a couple of bumps in the road, “We’re the Millers” clicks on just enough cylinders to warrant a recommendation. I give it a B-.

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