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REVIEW: “Pacific Rim”

“Pacific Rim”

I’m Richard Roeper and coming up next, it’s going to take one of the Sons of Anarchy to bring down these sea monsters and save the world. My review of “Pacific Rim,” right now.

The End of the World tour continues at the movies, and this time we get “Pacific Rim,” a ridiculously entertaining (and often just plain ridiculous) monster-robot movie that plays like that “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots” game from the 1960s combined with the cheesy wonderfulness of the Japanese monster movies from the 1950s.

“Pacific Rim” is set in a near future in which increasingly lethal monsters known as Kaiju are surfacing from a portal at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. We’re taking them on with Jaegers, robotic creatures capable of wading into the ocean and waging battle with the Kaiju. It’s too taxing for just one person to work the controls—so you need a two-person team connected by something called a “neural bridge” that enables them to act as one. Don’t ask.

Charlie Hunnan (Jax on “Sons of Anarchy”) plays Raleigh Becket, the obligatory rogue pilot with unprecedented skills but a tendency to disobey direct orders.

There’s rarely an uninteresting shot in “Pacific Rim,” whether we’re watching the monsters and robots thrashing about in the water or marveling at the details of the costumes, the sets, and the CGI mixing with a cast that does a fine job of selling this madness, even as the talk of neural bridges and closing that porthole at the bottom of the ocean grows increasingly dense and meaningless.

We’re also treated to a fantastically entertaining if hardly germane subplot with the great Ron Pearlman–who plays Hunnan’s stepfather on “Sons”–as a pimped-out black market dealer that sells nearly every surviving part of a Kaiju corpse for big profit.

Mostly, though, we’re here for the Jaegers vs. the Kaiju. I’m thinking either team could take down the Transformers.  I give “Pacific Rim” a B.

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