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Thank You!

Thanks for visiting the site this the year; signing off till January 7th.

See you in the New Year.



2 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Brioman Says:

    Still planning to post your Best Of 2012 list?

  2. Jake's Mom Says:

    I look forward to your review for “Any Day Now’. I just read a review that described a character as “a Down-syndrome afflicted teenager.” Please remember to refer to him a a teenager with Down syndrome. I am sure that you know all individuals are unique. Those with Down syndrome have their own challenges and strengths. I am the parent of a child with Down syndrome and a teacher of preschoolers with special needs. I am sensitive to words that will be read by my son’s future employers, neighbors, etc.
    I will see the movie and hopefully your review.
    Thank you!
    Jennifer Rembrecht

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