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Roeper’s Report Card: Best of the Year (so far)

It’s been a particularly strong year for comic book movies, including two blockbusters that were instant classics of the genre. My pick for the Best Comic Book Movie of the Year is a tie between “Marvel’s the Avengers” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The latter is a more substantial piece of work with more impressive performances, but for what it was trying to be, “The Avengers” was just as successful. In the wrong hands, an All-Star superhero movie could have gone horribly wrong, but thanks to that terrific cast and a breezy, action-filled storyline, “The Avengers” clicked on all cylinders.

The most polarizing movie so far this year is “Prometheus.” I’m still sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of Comments I’ve received after I gave Ridley Scott’s alien epic a rave review. I loved the intricate plot, the stark and beautiful visuals, the nods to other sci-fi classics, the great work by Michael Fassbender and company. Many theater-goers loathed every inch of this film. I’m not saying the haters were wrong and I’m right, but the haters were mistaken and I wasn’t.

My pick for Best Action Movie is “The Grey.” Joe Carnahan’s man against wolves adventure was a bloody prose poem with far more depth and character development than you might expect from such a story. It’s too bad they never even consider films such as this for awards, because Liam Neeson gives a trophy-worthy performance.

In the category of Best Adaptation That Could Have Gone Horribly Wrong, how about “The Hunger Games.” The books were wildly imaginative, but turning those images into literal images was a real challenge. To the general delight of the legions of hardcore fans, that challenge was met every step of the way.

Let’s wrap it up with my pick for the Best Comedy: “The Five-Year Engagement.” Jason Segal and Emily Blunt are two of my favorite actors, and they click beautifully in this smart, original comedy about a couple that makes the big commitment but can never seem to find their way to the altar. I’d love check in with these characters in a few years for a sequel called “The Five-Year Anniversary.”


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