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Blago, you’re no Batman.


I’m told private citizen Rod Blagojevich does three segments on “Late Night with David Letterman” tonight. Blago’s PR firm says the ousted governor posed with fans and signed autographs outside the Ed Sullivan Theater, and took pictures with some of Dave’s staffers after the taping. Apparently the ex-governor is still more interested in soaking up the spotlight and acting like a celebrity than getting down to the business of mounting a legal defense to the pending charges against him. And if he’s so worried about what all this is doing to his family, why is he back in New York, enduring the jokes and playing the fool, instead of staying at home?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that at the late afternoon taping, Dave has fun with Christian Bale’s now-infamous profanity-laced tirade, and Blago later compares himself to Bale. I’m assuming the comparison is limited to their mutual affection for f-bombs—-but with Blago you never know. He may see himself as the doppelganger to Bruce Wayne and/or Batman. After all, they’re both widely misunderstood anti-heroes, right? Dark Knights who dress in black and take to the streets—Batman in a super-charged vehicle and protective armor, Blago in sweats and running shoes—and dedicate themselves to fighting crime, only to be unfairly maligned as criminals themselves.


At the end of “The Dark Knight,” Batman is a wanted man. At the end of last week, Blago was an unwanted governor.

Hey wait a minute, maybe Blago IS Batman!

Though lately he’s been acting more like the Joker.

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  1. Debbie Blanke Says:

    He reminds me of O.J., singing the same tunes of “…truth will prevail”. Blago heads to the lights and cameras; OJ to the golf course … both seeking to “expose truth”.


    And Blago will eventually, in righteous due time, find his fate singing again the same tunes as the self-adoring OJ.

  2. Scott Says:


    I think it might be a little harsh to compare someone who was accused of MURDER to someone who took part in scandalous political practices.

    Obviously, what he did was wrong. But perspective is in order I think. It will all just fade away soon enough.

    Welcome to the blogosphere my friend. I look forward to reading it daily, as you are my favorite writer and the reason I got in to blogging to begin with.


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  4. Bridget McCloskey Says:

    I think someone needs to explain the term “private citizen” to him. Those limelights have gone to his head….;-)

  5. Bridget McCloskey Says:

    Someone needs to explain the term, “private citizen” to him. Those limelights have gone to his head.

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