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Bus made in Canada nothing new for president

This from the president’s itinerary:

“[The president] will continue the ‘Yes, America Can’ bus tour with three stops in Iowa and Wisconsin. The president will participate in events focused on strength, optimism and resolve of the American people in … strengthening our economy, making our communities better and keeping America safe …

“[The president] will discuss his plan for growing the economy and ensuring that every American who wants a job can find one …”

The “Yes, America Can” bus in was made in Canada by Prevost. One of the president’s critics said, “Seeing the president drive around in his Canadian-made luxury bus is just another reminder of [his] failed economic policies.”

This story is not from this week or even this year. It’s not about Barack Obama.

It’s from the spring of 2005, when President Bush was on tour.

So not only did Obama not come up with the concept of tooling around the Heartland in a Canadian-made luxury bus — even the ol’ “Yes We Can” slogan is just an update on “Yes, American Can.”

Who knew.

The wedding of the year

Apparently the wedding of reality-TV creation Kim Kardashian and some basketballer averaging 5.6 points per game in his career is the American version of the royal wedding, which featured one of those prince guys and Pippa Middleton’s sister.

“[A] high-quality candid photograph of the bride in her wedding dress could sell for the same price as a 2012 Porsche Boxter,” reports CNN.

“Kim is our people’s princess,” the editor-in-chief of Life & Style Weekly tells CNN. “People empathize with her … [We’re happy] to see her find her prince.”

We are? OK. We are.

Over/under on the divorce? 2014.

Odds of Kim’s post-divorce quest for happiness becoming a TV show? Bet on it.

Real grinder rules

When A.J. Pierzynski walked into a downtown restaurant for lunch the other day, for a split second I thought he was wearing a Cubs hat. Pierzynski was wearing a bright blue baseball cap — turned backwards, and it’s OK for a man in his 30s to do that when he’s actually a catcher — and I thought he’d a lost a bet, but it was actually a Florida Gators cap.

Pierzynski had a black protective support device around his left wrist. He’d just been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a fractured wrist.

Here’s the amazing thing. In a 14-season career spanning some 1,470 games played at what is by far the most grueling position in the sport, this is the first time Pierzynski has been on the DL. He’s played hundreds of games while battling injuries ranging from nagging to most-of-us-would-be-in-the-emergency-room.

Not that multiple trips to the DL means you’re soft. Consider former White Sox Aaron Rowand and his penchant for playing baseball like a football player, or hard-luck cases such as Kerry Wood, who’s a great teammate and a strong guy but has been on the disabled list 14 times in his 13-year career. I’m not even going to question the likes of Ubaldo Jimenez, who was placed on the disabled list earlier this year with an injured cuticle. Who among us can say we could pitch with an injured cuticle?

According to a study done by blogger Jeff Zimmerman, over the last decade the Kansas City Royals have sent the most players to the disabled list, while the White Sox have sent the fewest.

Look at a guy like Paul Konerko, who was hit in the face with a pitch last year — and got up, dusted himself off and went to first base. In his very next at-bat, Konerko hit a home run. That’s movie-material stuff.

These days Konerko is hobbling around with severe pain in his calf that would most of us popping Vicodin like Skittles and/or crying “Mommy!” Yet he’s up there swinging away, hitting the heck out of the ball as the Sox make an August run for the division crown despite themselves.

Meanwhile, Carlos Zambrano is trying to hit batters and is abandoning the team because he gave up five home runs in a game, waaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

There are different kinds of toughness, and different ways to play the game. If Zambrano needs some lessons, and oh does he need some lessons, he need only look to the South Side.

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