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The Foot Long; get your caption on and win a prize.

Michele Bachmann eats a corn dog at the Iowa State Fair


42 Responses to “The Foot Long; get your caption on and win a prize.”

  1. James Freud Says:

    I don’t know about captions, but I could photoshop the heck out of those things.

  2. Jen Says:

    Just another Sunday dinner at Boehner’s house!

  3. Kevin Says:

    Michele Bachmann: Doing an impression of her husband? Or showing how skilled she is at jamming penis-shaped objects in her mouth? You decide.

  4. Paul West Says:

    Take THAT, Marcus!

  5. Mark C. Says:

    “America…this is what you will be doing to Obama unless you elect me as your next President!”

  6. Tai Fung Says:

    Comgresswoman Bachman was thankful that she had lots of corn dog eating tips and advice from her husband, who seemed quite the expert.

  7. Gunpilot Says:

    My mouth your vote. Any takers?

  8. Warren Says:

    The BBC has captured another oral gaffe by Bachmann

  9. Andrea Rhodes Says:

    After spending time at her husband’s “clinic”, Rep. Bachmann has learned a thing or two…

  10. Grant Smith Says:

    Nice to something vile going INTO her mouth for once!

  11. Erica Says:

    “Along with strong family values…I also believe that a husband and wife should share in common interests.”

  12. Paul Arriola Says:

    Michelle Bachman finally thinks of a good answer for the question about being submissive.

  13. Jimmy Says:

    Submission to ones husband takes practice.

  14. Jeff G Says:

    Michele Bachman demonstrates sodomy to attract ‘damn liberals’ as her husband stares off in jealousy that he’s not a Kielbasa .

  15. Heather S Says:

    Tonight on Fox After Dark: Michele Bachmann stars in “Horn Dog for a Corn Dog II – Iowa’s Revenge”

  16. Seth Says:

    Wait until I get a chance to screw the country ! This is foreplay.

  17. Octavio Says:

    Giggity, Gigitty !!!

  18. Tony Healy Says:

    Allow me to demonstrate what all Americans will be doing on a daily basis when I am elected.

  19. Debbie Lyons-Hosters Says:

    Congresswoman Bachman shows what she will do to the other men running in this race including the current president. Chow down, Michele!

  20. Lisa Says:

    Ooooooh I won the Iowa pole?

  21. Kennetta Prince Says:

    “How’s this? My best imitation of Monica Lewinsky!”

  22. Paul Arriola Says:

    Quack Quack Quack Quack!

  23. Vivianne Finch Says:

    I hope this one doesn’t squirt on me like the last one did.

  24. Adam Says:

    In Iowa, proof that the stuff going into Michele Bachmann’s mouth is just as hard to swallow as the stuff coming out of it.

  25. Marc Davidson Says:

    And representing the Tea-bag Party…

  26. shelly D Says:

    “P”orn Dog!!

  27. Dave Says:

    Michelle is seen demonstrating her new campaign slogan “Lunch should be between Wiener and Eve, not Wiener and Steve”.

  28. Dave Says:

    “If I am elected there will be a chicken in every pot, and a weiner in every mouth. Well, unless you are a man in which case that is immoral and you will burn in hell for eternity!”

  29. Dave Johnson Says:

    “Just wait and see what goes in my mouth when the caucus rolls around!”

  30. Scott Says:

    Immediately after, Marcus Bachmann asked for one to go.

  31. Jerry Nelson Says:

    Here is the best way get some….oh wait..i’m sorry get ahead at the polls

  32. Miss Says:

    This caption for the pix with the guy in the lower left corner of the pix – Oh I wish I were Michele O’bachmann’s weiner. (sorry I got my right/left mixed up earlier)

  33. Carl Says:

    I’m as good for my country as this is for me!

  34. angelica Says:

    And this is what every voter will get after they vote for me.

  35. Chitown Tiny Says:

    Bachmanm..hope there are watermelon balls somewhere in this corn hole of a place

  36. Jamie Says:

    “Hey, Deep Throat already took down one Republican…”

  37. James Says:

    Wow, I didn’t think that would be so salty.

  38. matt Says:

    Look how she eats like a true predator, her eyes roll back like a shark when she eats.

  39. John Sepulveda Says:

    Somewhere Bill Clinton sheds a tear for what could have been

  40. Michelle Says:

    They say more than a mouthful’s a waste…

  41. AJG Says:

    “Photoshop sales spike in the days following the publication of this unfortunate image of Michele Bachmann.”

  42. Ian Montgomery Says:

    First time she got to do anything like that in thirty-three years.

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