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A word (or two) about the Rebecca Black haters…

4 Responses to “A word (or two) about the Rebecca Black haters…”

  1. Rebecca Brownstein Says:

    Comedian Kyle Cease put out a really nice video for Rebecca Black today. I really hope she sees this…

  2. Kandice Says:

    Good for you! I agree 100%. I haven’t seen the video, don’t really care to, but to verbally attack a 13 yr old girl. That’s just pathetic.

  3. Ian Montgomery Says:

    I haven’t seen the video either but I agree nonetheless. For every intelligent comment on YouTube there are a hundred flames. It’s like everyone from the lowest common denominator has set up base there.

  4. Mike Chism Says:

    Finally someone who isnt an ass about this situation. All i hear in school is kids going to the extreme about this girl and her song. Its a silly pop song. Y should anyone care this much about a 13 year old girl so much to say go cut she should go and die? That is messed up. I dont like the song but i dont see the point on bagging on her to the extreme. Thank u for being a point of reason.

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