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Flip Video thoughts on “Lost.”

5 Responses to “Flip Video thoughts on “Lost.””

  1. Dan Says:

    Rich, why post 2 essentially identical reviews?

  2. Cristina Says:

    Hey Richard, I started taping ‘At the Movies’ when you joined because i seemed to relate to your reviews the most. I liked what you said –even if I didn’t agree with all the reviews. I was bummed when you left(or got cut)and started following you on your blog. Thanks for your awesome review of Lost. At first I was bummed when it ended and a little confused. But after it sunk in and I couldn’t get the show off my mind–I have to say I love the ending and love the show.


  3. Amanda B. Says:

    Nice review. I think you gave a good overview of the imagery and plot points. I love the setting at a church, too!

    I’m okay with the loose ends. We have a lot to chew on in the future.

  4. richard Says:


    Because some people were having problems with the audio on the first one.



  5. Andy E Nystrom Says:

    Having two video reviews here plus another under the movie reviews is quite fitting for this series. Maybe one review took place somewhere on the island, one in the world outside the island, and one in the sideways universe.

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