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On the 3D craze.

Talking about the 3D ‘craze’ with Leonard Maltin and Steph and Matt, hosts of “Hollywood Dailies” on ReelzChannel.

4 Responses to “On the 3D craze.”

  1. Will Says:

    Your Ad by Google is way too god damned loud.

  2. Andy E Nystrom Says:

    I actually tried the reusing glases tactic when I went to see Avatar, as another chain around the corner accepted reused glasses. Unfortunately this particular chain makes you pay the extra amount and take new glasses even if you bring your own. When I asked a manager why this was the case she responded, “That’s just the way it goes”. To add insult to injury just beore the movie played the screen said something like, “Go green. Deposit your glasses in the waste basket”. No, going green is reusing the glasses.

    My hope is that when the dust settles 3-D will be seen as a tool that can be used when appropriate but doesn’t have to always be used.

  3. carlo Says:

    I work at a chain and the surcharge is for the cost of the 3D projector and, as we’re told, for the added production costs of the 3d movie. The glasses do not cost 3 dollars per pair and are not factored into the 3 dollar surcharge.
    The recycling system is in place because customers usually don’t bother to hold onto the pair from 5 months ago when they last saw a 3d movie. After a 3d children’s movie with 400 audience members, a recycling system is NEEDED to be in place, so be happy that it IS and it works well.

    And yeah, 3d is a gimmick and won’t last very long. I just rewatched avatar on blu-ray and near the end I realized “Oh yeah, this movie was in 3d when I first saw it.”
    The slight headache/eyeaches that build up over time don’t help when the movie is 2.5 hours long.

    Finally, a movie that is ‘big budget’ skimps enough on the story, which has been readily apparent in the past 10 years. The excuse is “you’re not here for the story, you’re here for the action!”
    Well, now 3d movies seem to be using this excuse as well.
    As you gentlemen pointed out, it’s a corporate choice, not an artistic one.

  4. carlo Says:

    Also, I’ve never been to a theatre where you can dodge the 3 dollar surcharge by bringing your own pair. The ticket itself is fixed at being 3 dollars more, and we cannot charge ‘regular ticket price’ for 3d movies. That is, indeed, “just how it is”.

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