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Bracket this.


*Nov 20 - 00:05*

Below you’ll find my bracket for the NCAA tourney. I know some fans like to fill out several different brackets, but I sink or swim with the same picks in every pool I enter. (For amusement purposes only, of course.)

As I’m getting ready to promote Bet the House, I’ve already seen a few criticisms from folks saying it’s irresponsible for me to write a book ‘celebrating’ gambling. I don’t know if any of these people have actually read the book—-but either way, I’m wondering if they all refuse to participate in NCAA po0ls on moral grounds.

If you copy my selections and you do well, you’re welcome. If you tank, whoops! Sorry about that. I’ve done pretty well the last couple of years, but let’s face it, there’s a lot of luck involved in these things. I tried to pick a few key upsets, but you don’t want to get too clever. In the end, the cream usually rises.

Good luck!


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