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A Precious win.

Congratulations to Mo’Nique for the expected win—-but I’m wondering why she believes her victory is evidence the Academy can reward performance over politics.¬†What the hell does that mean? Doesn’t the Academy usually reward the performance?

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  1. Nicolas Says:

    I think someone heard you when you’ve said that nobody knows the difference between sound mixing and sound editing, they respond by explaining it on national TV. But in the end we still don’t know these people and don’t care about who wins in those categories.

  2. blakdiamon Says:

    Mo’nique said that because the blogs attacked her for not campaigning and said that she refused to show up to events unless she was paid. There’s an article in the NYTimes about it.

  3. IrmaCMD Says:

    Because she didn’t campaign and she didn’t do all the interviews that Lions’ Gate wanted and yet she still raked in the accolades and the awards. That’s how I interpreted her words.

  4. Kelly Says:

    The remark was in response the harsh criticism she received for not attending Academy dinner and other events that are to some extent required in order to campaign for a film. She was saying that she shouldn’t have to do that, as the best performance is what determines the winner.

  5. richard Says:


    A number of reports claim Mo’Nique wouldn’t do publicity for “Precious” unless she was paid. Of course she give an interview to Barbara Walters and we saw some other high-profile appearances, but you’re right, she didn’t ‘campaign’ as much as some others.
    It’s too bad she couldn’t find room to thank the creators of “Precious/Push” in her speech. Most winning actors remember that without the original source material, the screenwriter and the director, the performance will never have a chance.



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