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OK what was up with the Lady in the Purple Dress who hijacked the “Music by Prudence” speech moment? For a second I thought she was going to say, “Beyonce should have won!”

That was even more awkward than the quick-cut to the Coen Brothers after Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made an “Inglourious Basterds” joke about Christoph Waltz’s character finding a roomful of Jews.

3 Responses to “Awkward!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Keep the updates coming Richard! You are the sane voice for many of us and we value your opinion on all things Hollywood….

  2. Kandice Says:

    I thought the same thing, for a moment I thought she was Kanye’s #1 fan. It wasn’t until half way through her speech that I realized she had something to do with the actual documentary. Feel bad for the other guy though, he seemed sane and may have had something interesting to say.

  3. Todd Says:

    You seem to be only 1 of 2 columnists I can find to even mention how awkward that woman was! I was sitting at home cringing, and half expected security to tackle her on stage. I didn’t even realize she was part of the film until about a minute into her rant. I felt really bad for the guy whose coherent speech was abruptly cut off!

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