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Oscar pre-show: just painful.

Kathy Ireland to Gabourey Sidibe: “The entire world is hanging on your every word.”

And: “You’re turning your genius into a dream come true.”

Oh my God, is there a worse half-hour in all of television than the official ABC red carpet pre-show? All those hyperkinetic hosts shouting questions at all those befuddled stars, who can barely get an answer out before host says, “Thanks so much for coming! Thank you! Thanks! Thank you!”

I know how difficult it is to work that red carpet. I did it a few times, and it’s sheer madness. You’re standing behind a plastic hedge, jockeying for position with the guy or gal next to you, the director is barking in your earpiece, you’re trying to come up with SOMETHING interesting to ask a nominee, and here comes someone else and you want to get that person as well….

And it all goes by in a blur.

But by the time the official ABC show kicks in, the hosts have those stars to themselves. You’d think they’d have prepared. Instead we get intros like, “He plays the most famous werewolf in movie history” for that kid from “Twilight.”


And how about Kathy Ireland, who looked fabulous but seemed on the verge of a total meltdown as she shouted her questions at stars half her size. When she was yelling/questioning Zac Efron and then Miley Cyrus, I half-expected her to say, “I’m a COOL MOM.”

Ugh. Let the real show begin. Bring on Alec and Steve!

3 Responses to “Oscar pre-show: just painful.”

  1. Scooter Says:

    I also cringed when that nitwit Sherri Shepherd said to the Twilight guy he’s the most famous werewolf.
    Shepherd obviously never heard of Lon Chaney, but then She also believes the Earth is flat. No really, she thinks the Earth is flat!
    And over at Gawker, someone wondered who Kathy Ireland is shtupping at ABC to get the gig.

  2. sammy Says:

    Also painful was the lady doing the computer gig. Who was that lady? No don’t tell me, I just want to forget.

  3. Adam Says:

    Kathy Ireland was unbelievably awful. You’ll get no argument here.

    And did you see how each star, no matter how great of an interview they might have been, all got about 60 seconds each? Lame.

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