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Sarah smile.

Seeing George Clooney on the red carpet with his beautiful Italian girlfriend-of-the-moment by his side, I was reminded of my red carpet interview with Clooney two years ago, when he was accompanied by Sarah Larson, his sig-other at the time. Ms. Larson, a Las Vegas restaurant hostess/promotional model, seemed quite nice and was certainly lovely.

Oscars Oscar Insider

But she was not what you would call a showbiz insider, and one assumes that once the romance with Clooney ran its course, she was not getting a lot of invites to Oscar-viewing parties, let alone the Oscars.

Not that she’s any less of a person because of that. I’m just saying–it must be weird to be on the other side of the red carpet for a brief period of time, and now you’re back home, watching the Oscars on TV, and 2008 seems like a long time ago. It’s almost like a reverse, bittersweet version of “Notting Hill.”

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