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Oscar predictions: all 24 categories.

9 Responses to “Oscar predictions: all 24 categories.”

  1. Ryan W. Says:

    I agree with you on a lot of this but some of those technical awards are gonna go to The Hurt Locker… which won the guild awards for editing and sound mixing recently.

    I also had The White Ribbon for Cinematography because it just won the ASC prize. But Avatar will probably still sweep technical so I may just be an idiot on all of this.

  2. Andy E Nystrom Says:

    A question: in your separate Best Actress post you predicted Meryl Streep (which you admitted was going with your heart) but here you said Sandra Bullock. Does that mean you’ve reconsidered your earlier preidiction?

  3. Neil Says:

    We all want it to be “The Hurt Locker” but I say “Avatar” will win. Of course, if “The Hurt Locker” nabs Best Picture…YES!!! Everything else is a long shot, sadly.

    Best Foreign Language Film I also disagree with Roeper. The Academy voters need to have seen all the foreign nominees, and I have a feeling that in such a context, “A Prophet” is going to be favored just as it was favored only a millimeter more at the Cannes Film Festival over “The White Ribbon”. I mean, it’s America, and they are going to pick the French gangster film over the cold, austere German parable. Don’t get me wrong though. I think “The White Ribbon” deserves to win as much as the other guy.

  4. IrmaCMD Says:

    You are wrong on editing – Hurt Locker will win it because it will win Best Picture – they go hand in hand…also, sorry, but the Prophet will win Foreign…otherwise, fairly good picks. I’m betting Hurt Locker sweeps with 5, Avatar next up with 4…

  5. fireball Says:

    I think your initial prediction of Meryl Streep winning best actress over Sandra Bullock will turn out to be true. It’s pretty daring of me to make this statement since I have yet to see either movie but I feel that the academy will reward Streep for a more complete performance. Bullock’s momentum right now seems to be fueled only by hype. Oh, And the movies box office success. Oh, And it’s best picture nomination. Oh, and it’s inspirational story. Oh, and the fact that she’s Sandra Bullock, who has never received a nomination and may never again. Wait one more… she’s the odds-on favorite right now. Okay so my arguement for Streep is not very strong. It’s barely an argument at all really. I just have a gut feeling that Streep will pull off the upset. Again, I have not seen either movie, which makes makes my prediction almost invalid, but I have vigorously studied the trailers for both movies, and the five second clips shown at different award shows. Would this make my prediction extremely impressive or just bull-shit. Probably the latter.

    Sorry IrmaCMD, but Mr. Roeper is right about ‘ The White Ribbon’.

  6. fireball Says:

    While I have your attention I would just like to say that you are being way too kind to “All About Steve”. Calling it a “movie” is giving it way more credit than it deserves.

  7. fireball Says:

    Although I’m rooting for Meryl Streep, it would be nice to see Sandra Bullock win. She would be only the third person to win an oscar and a razzie in the same year.

  8. B Says:

    The most hyped artist on the planet.. Put you in a song.. Nice

    Drake – Over

  9. The Faustian Man Says:

    Hello Richard,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done with this, and your work in the past. You are intelligent, personable, and insightful.

    I like your YouTube reviews-especially the one of you in the snow. It’s pretty cool you’re using YouTube for this.

    The Faustian Man

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