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Thanks for the kind words.

Some nice comments from the from Facebook and Twitter friends. Thanks guys!

Tady Villatoro: YES!!!!! Thank you!!! I missed ur reviews!!!!

Franco Ocampo: Very cool, can’t wait!

Thomas Beau Vickroy: Sweetness. Just bookmarked it!

Geoff Scofield: This is awsome news. Ive been lost since there hasnt been any movie review shows on since you left Richard.I Cant wait to watch your reviews again. Props on the video. very funny loved the ending.

David Gardetti: Paranormal Activity parody: like it. RR doing movie reviews reviews: love it.

Rich Hlava Jr.: Did i just read that right?? I will soon be able to WATCH Richard Roeper movie reviews on my iPhone??? Holy sweet God!! Heaven awaits..

Christopher Zeidel: Roger is in full support of Roeper’s decision, and so are we. The new version of the site is looking good. I am looking forward to the video reviews of new movies.

Nelson Espe: I just read your blog about some guy taking a shot at you, and your comments to Ebert….I totally understood what you were saying. You were not dissing Ebert at all, you were just clearly trying to say that it is more laid back, as if it would be talking about a movie with your friends. And not afraid to say something is a pile of shit, whereas on TV you cannot do that.

Robert Casaday: Good luck on this latest venture, Richard! I value your reviews and comments.

Betsy Knight Casillo: I am thrilled to see you doing reviews again on TV! I don’t get Starz (maybe someday) but will watch online. Best of luck to you in your new venture and thank you.

Yasmeen Shuller: Congratulations!! So happy to see you back in full reviewer mode and with a new website too!!

Rick Holtrop: Still loving your work, Rich, can’t wait to see the new stuff.

Jay Shulz: This is fantastic news. Very happy to have you back on TV. Congrats!

Tony Healy: The new website looks sleeeeeeek! Holy crap!

bpdreview: I love Richard Roeper! I’m making no apologies for that. He’s back w/a new website and weekly reviews.

warlock716: Love the new site. You’re getting an Iphone app???

DanielleCesena: Read Feder’s article. Glad you’re back to reviewing. Kudos to you responding to those ignorant commentators.

wood_brothers21: Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Roeper. Your Starz gig sounds edgy and cool.

literallyfresh: Looking forward to catching Richard Roeper’s weekly video reviews on his official site.

vinceamatuzzi: The new site is looking good.

LiamJM: Cool, congrats on the new site.

MissJo_25: love love love your blog. I’m on it all the time.

bryanalaspa: The site looks  fantastic Richard.

ToddDilley Glad to hear Richard Roeper will be reviewing movies online and also for the Starz channel starting soonabout 4 hours ago from Twikini

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  1. Skippy20009 Says:

    Love your content, Richard, but I’m really not a big fan of your website’s design — the white letters on black background is really hard to read.

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