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I also have his hair gel from “Wall Street.”

A couple of iPhone pics of the Michael Douglas jacket from “Traffic,” as discussed in Monday’s column…



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  1. Michael Says:

    Which Monday and column are you referring to? I only see Tuesday through Thursday columns in the archive.

  2. Elphie's Twin Says:

    The column is on the Sun-Times website. (

  3. Michael Says:

    Monday November 16, 2009,CST-NWS-roep16.article

    Seems how no one, including Richard here in the blog post or on this website in the Columns section, has included the link. 😉

    The best of Michael Douglas is in The Game, The Stone and Jewel films, The Wonder Boys. The American President and The War of the Roses. I don’t have a term for his Wall Street performance. It was a performance of a movie star in a role. It was not an actor becoming a character. That was like a Nicolas Cage role. No one in real life acts like Nicolas Cage when he is supposed to be acting like anyone in real life. Nicolas Cage is always Nicolas Cage. Gordon Gekko was Michael Douglas saying and doing things while not being the character. Some compared Nicholas Van Orton in The Game to Gordon Gekko yet the two only resembled each other because they were both hugely arrogant, ruthless and successful businessmen. Nicholas Van Orton was an Oscar-worthy performance while cardboard Gekko was one of those puzzling Oscar wins.

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