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I’ve got the horse right here…


OK, here are my pics so far, as placed on I’m still open to suggestions.

6th race: $30 to win on #10, Justenuffhumor. $5 Exacta Box, 10-11.

7th race: $50 to win on #4, Bullsbay. $5 Exacta Box, 4/7.

8th race: $25 to win on #7, Spanish Moon. $5 Exacta Box, 7/8.

9th race: $100 win on #7, Gio Ponti. $10 Exacta Box, 1-7.

On my way to the Bull & Bear to watch the proceedings…

UPDATE: I had the last two winners in Friday’s Breeders Cup races: Informed Decision and Life is Sweet.

Breeders Cup Horse Racing

Heading into today’s races, I’m up $222—-and remember, any profits realized for the weekend will be donated to charity. (See below). I’m going to start lining up my picks and making my bets at, and later this afternoon I’ll be heading to the Bull & Bear to watch the races.

A few weeks ago, the Illinois Racing Board gave the go-ahead to three companies to host online sports betting operations. In other words, your home computer is now an OTB, if you’re so inclined to bet the ponies.

I now have an account with, and I’m going to be placing wagers on the Breeders Cup races today and tomorrow. Your tips and hunches are welcome!

TVG website

My opening bankroll is $500. Here’s the deal: If I end up realizing any profits today and tomorrow, 100 percent of my winnings will be donated to the Racing Industry Charitable Foundation.


The RICF provideds comprehensive medical, dental, social services and substance abuse care for all racetrack workers and their families. It’s a terrific organization.

I’m putting $30 to win on Cloudy’s Knight in the 3rd today. More bets to come.


3 Responses to “I’ve got the horse right here…”

  1. James Otto Says:

    There’s a horse called Radiohead in the race. You can’t go wrong there.

  2. Rebecca Bland Says:

    Anything with Garret Gomez riding. I think he’s in all the races. And Zenyatta!!! She’s amazing.

  3. Neal Says:

    I really like Zenyatta. She’s an amazing horse. I don’t care if they are boys! She’s the real deal.

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