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Kanye see him making a fool out of himself?


Seconds after Kanye West stormed the stage at the VMAs like a comic book villain and almost stole that glass moon man trophy from little Taylor Swift, there was much Twittering about whether it was a “publicity stunt.”

Um, no.

When a fringe actress shows up on the red carpet dressed like a Marsupial, that’s a publicity stunt.

When a reality show couple gets into a big fight outside the Ivy, that’s a publicity stunt.

When a troubled bimbo exits a limo in a mini-skirt and no panties, that’s a publicity stunt.

But when you’re already one of the world’s most recognizable and successful entertainers, rushing the stage at a secondary awards show and throwing a temper tantrum isn’t a publicity stunt.

It’s just stupid.

Let’s put it this way: if a 10-year-old pulled the same nonsense at a Little League awards ceremony, his parents would be mortified, the other kids would be stunned and you’d want to seek immediate counseling for the child.

Kanye West is 32 years old.

20 Responses to “Kanye see him making a fool out of himself?”

  1. Hector Cruz Says:

    Kanye West’s disruption of Taylor Swift’s big moment was a despicable, classless act. The girl is 19 years old. Her expression when she was announced as winner was one of genuine surprise. She had just finished expressing how big a moment this was for her when West stole the spotlight from her.

    Truly a low rent thing to do. It really tarnished what was otherwise a really nice return to form for the VMAs.

    I completely agree with your assessment of this sad, pathetic man.

  2. Cathy F Says:

    Hahahaha! Well put!

  3. kandice Says:

    It’s immature and uncalled for, but I don’t know about stupid. After all everyone and their mother’s are talking about it today. Even if it wasn’t an intentional publicity stunt, Kanye is getting a lot of publicity for it and so is MTV. I’m sure they are loving Kanye today (the only ones I’m sure).

  4. Chris Says:

    Remember when Kanye West said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on national television? I’ll never forget the expression on Mike Myers’ face.

    I’m really amazed that this guy still has a career. What’s even more irritating is the fact that there are people who defend him and idiotic teenagers who found that situation last night to be funny.

  5. Gerardo Lemus Says:

    I don’t know how the they awarded the throphy, maybe Kanye took it as a racial issue, thus his reaction. I really think that Beyonce deserved the throphy, her video was really good plus who really remeber Taylor’s video to begin with. I guess that’s where Kanye reaction is coming from. In any case what can you expect from him, he is Kanye West and Geniuses are prompt to crazziness it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

  6. Jesse Says:

    I think that it’s all a publicity stunt for Jay Leno. Kanye is supposed to be on his new show tonight and I’m sure before the VMA incident NBC might have been a little worried that everyone would tune in. Jay is going up against Monday Night Football first game as well as other ratings grabers, so maybe a very large conspiracy was created to make sure people tuned in to Jay tonight, I know I will.

  7. Chris Says:

    Kanye West need to be reminded that fame is fast, fleeting and that the public has a short attention span. Stunts like this puts him on the fsat track to being a contestant on “Celebrity Fit Club” or “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”

  8. Michael Desantis Says:

    West is like School on Christmas…No Class!

  9. Carolyn Says:

    Kanye is an arrogant snot. I can’t wait till he goes away.

  10. Conor Says:

    Not to be that guy to pull the race card, but I will anyway.
    Flip the roles, you know Sharpton would be on line 1 with Rev. Jackson on line 2

  11. Detroit Murder Dog Says:

    I like how some people excuse this as “Kanye just being Kanye.” If I see Kanye in the street and slap his face, I doubt people would be saying “well, that’s just DMD being DMD…” Both are inexcusable and it is astonishing that there are Kanye apologists out there defending this.

  12. Dr. Mary Pat Jordan Says:

    I saw Kanye West singing with Sting at a Police concert last year and for the life of me, I thought Sting had just pulled some audience member out of the crowd.

  13. reresparks Says:

    how can you win video of the year and not best female video..they donated to the taylor swift (ala country music) cause..she sold alot of records..but really does anybody outside of country music remember the song..let alone the video, or her..what he did was unecessary, but i can understand the outrage.

  14. Fred Huebner Says:

    It should surprise no one! Kanye is an arrogant PUNK!!! Always has been and always will be. He made a fool of himself a few years ago when Gretchen Wilson beat him out for Best New Artist. He has an ego that won’t quit. BTW, was TI not at the VMA’s because he is in jail…or just out of town?

  15. outta here Says:

    Hey, Kanye was just keepin it real…….gettin in Taylor’s face…..just like he learned growin up on the tough streets of……..Oak Lawn.



  16. Jesse Says:

    If any other black entertainer won the award he would have stayed in his seat.

  17. Zack Says:


  18. rdizzle Says:

    @reresparks – OUTRAGE? You’re an idiot!!! It’s the VMA’s!!! How can anyone have ANY OUTRAGE about anything that is given (or not given) as an award at the VMA’s?

  19. Sean Says:

    There are actually a lot of interesting aspects to this event, the two kindest to West being that his behavior was tolerated and beneficial in the past and the fact he might be an alcoholic.

    That having been said the most revolting aspect (aside from him being a bully who ruined someone elses emotional high) is how one must wonder if he would have done this to a more mature female with an assertive reputation.

    And yes race is a factor as well but I think that aspect only leads to inflammatory diversion.

    As a final note the Beyonce video was not groundbreaking, it was all about the dance and even that wasn’t original. The Taylor Swift video was a completely different type and in that particular category the voters apparently wanted to support the “storytelling” type.

  20. Michael Says:

    It doesn’t matter that Kanye West may be an alcoholic. A drunk acting like an idiot is an idiot who drinks.

    Air-headed people worship and shower celebrities with too much credit. This wasn’t an ingenious publicity set up on the level of Nikola Tesla. It was the random outburst of a dumb asss.

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