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Oh my God.

There was a time when lunatics like Glenn Beck would spend their days on street corners, babbling their nonsensical theories into a cheap megaphone while people hurried past, avoiding eye contact.

Somehow, this man has a TV show, a radio show, books, a tour—-which means a large number of people actually find his views legitimate and informative.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow f—— WOW.

43 Responses to “Oh my God.”

  1. Kamera88 Says:

    A couple years ago i used to listen to Beck regularly. I would usually disagree with many of his views but I did respect them. But ever since the 2008 elections he has gone mental. Nowadays i cant believe his dangerous absolutely false retoric. No wonder people are going crazy at these town hall meetings, Beck has convinced them Obama is a fascist dictator. Its just sad.

  2. KathyG Says:

    The other night Keith Olbermann tore Beck apart on his show it was hilarious.

  3. RobinR Says:

    There’s a lot of crazy in that clip.

  4. Colleen Says:

    I’m with Kamera88. I can only let it go so far before I have to say wait a second… Does this make him a McCarthyist?

  5. M.S. Says:

    “dangerous absolutely false retoric” is right.

    Then you have the guy who killed that preacher for being too liberal, who was supposedly inspired by Bill O’Reilly. There are people who watch this stuff and believe it. Then there are people who watch this stuff *all day long* letting it whip them into a furor.

  6. Ron Says:

    Wow Mr. Roeper, if he’s a conservative he’s automatically a lunatic in your book. So I’m sure you support socialism and Bill Maher’s ranting. Universal healthcare is probably something you support, despite that beaurecrats are going to decide whther someone should get treatment or not and people will have to be on waiting lists and not be able to choose their own doctors. Good philisophy.

  7. sabrina Says:

    That’s nothing. You should see the secret progressive communist rhetorical subtext of the ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza. It looks sweet and innocent, but that Zamboni is driven by STALIN!

  8. Drew Says:

    The far left drives me nuts. The far right drives me nuts.

  9. Michael Desantis Says:

    Beck is like the Marcia gay harden Charater from The Mist. It only a mater of time whne he feeda Alan Colmes to the monsters.

  10. Laurie Says:

    Bravo, Richard! Glenn Beck would be funny if he wasn’t so dangerous. And yes, Ron, I guess that makes me a “kool-aid sucking socialist Obamacrat.” (I am proud to say I was actually called that the other day on Twitter by a Beck aficianado.) It’s sad that when The Dixie Chicks disagreed with a President, they were unpatriotic and scorned. Now, if you disagree with nut who has a microphone who disagrees with the President, you somehow automatically “support socialism and Bill Maher’s ranting.” The hypocracy on the right is stunning. In fact, the rhetoric hasn’t gotten this hot and heavy and dangerously crazy since Bill Clinton was President. I wonder how Glenn Beck will feel when one of his “fans” pulls a Timothy McVeigh.

  11. Bryan Says:

    I think Glenn Beck has finally lost it. He goes on about how Rockefeller is a progressive, fascist, and communist, and condemns everything in the Rockefeller Plaza, and for some reason, NBC. The latter part is probably because he’s with FOX. Oh well, this guy’s nuts. When he called Obama a racist, it was like he changed his mind on the subject “three” times in thirty seconds.

    And to Ron, Roeper didn’t say he was a lunatic for being conservative, all he said was that Beck is a lunatic.

    And Bill Maher is much better than Glenn Beck, and obviously much smarter. And even if he is a socialist, so be it. At least he’s not crazy.

  12. IrmaCMD Says:

    Um, Ron…its not socialism! Come on…how can you even with a straight face (unless your entire post was meant to be sarcastic) actually say that with universal healthcare government workers will decide whether you get treatment or not, get to choose their own doctor or not. I’m guessing you don’t have insurance and never have. Because right now, today, that’s exactly what insurance companies do on a daily basis to millions of people. So why don’t you take some time to actually investigate and read and learn what the healthcare bill will really do. Don’t jump to some sound bite mentality given off by Limbaugh, Beck, O’Reilly or Malkin and think for yourself.

    The scariest part of all the disagreement in this country is that people aren’t thinking for themselves, they are sheeple blindly following and spewing vicious lies and twisted ideas. I’ll tell you what, if you don’t like these so-called socialist ideas, please kindly refrain from using the police, fire dept., driving on highways and interstates, using the libraries and parks and never, ever let your children attend any sort of public school. Thank you.

  13. Ron Says:


    I wasn’t aware that to receive help from the fire department or the police you have to be on waiting lists and the government decides whether you should get the help from the fire department or police. Why if I am against the plan than I’m listening to someone else? How about I say “you’re for it so you’re not thinking for yourself?” And even this plan was glorious and wonderful, where is all the money for it?! Where is your hero Obama going to find the billions of dollars needed?! Under this plan your life is basically an investment! If a 90 year old person needs a hip replacement than some beaurecrat is going to say “oh well screw them because they lived long enough.” People should have the right to choose their insurance companies instead of being forced to be insured by the government. The plan states that if you do not choose the government plan, you have to pay a penalty. My grandparents are from the Soviet Union and lived under socialistic regime so I’m not saying this uninformed.

  14. Eric Says:

    I used to find this guy funny at times but now he’s just as annoying as a fly. Thank god I have a remote!

  15. Native Hoosier Says:

    Back to Ricks basic comment………..Beck’s a lunatic grasping at straws to keep his audience, with the basic goal of maintaining his income level.

  16. Sean Says:

    I’m not quite sure which aspect of what the Beck guy says you find so outrageous. In the 20’s and 30’s communism and fascism were seen as rather dynamic and intriguing by a lot of people, Progressives in a big way (and modern Liberals are in fact descended from Progressivism, not true Liberalism and I believe Hillary Clinton essentially admitted that during her campaign), so there’s nothing nutty about what he points out in the first half of this piece.

    Where he goes off the deep end is trying to link it to Obama in such an exaggerated way with the “dear leader” nonsense.

    And BTW I’ve seen Olbermann go bonkers and rave in a similar fashion many times. You ever make a post like this about THAT histrionic rabble-rousing goon?

  17. Robby Says:

    I could only sit through 2 minutes of that garbage (well duh, he’s on fox news)

  18. Adam Says:


    I’d have to agree with you. This is a complicated issue, and those on both sides need to stop saying that people on the other side “aren’t thinking for themselves” because they feel a certain way. There are sincere people with deeply held beliefs on each side of this debate. Let’s stop reducing them to stereotypes.

    Did you ever see Ben Affleck’s Olbermann skit on SNL? It’s awesome.

  19. Ohio Tim Says:

    Richard, don’t let the morons get ya down. The right wing has been on the wrong side of every major advancement in American history. If, when the evil liberals rose up and pushed their agenda, the right had actually won, women and minorities wouldn’t have the right to vote, children would be working 18-hour days in sweat shops, old people would be homeless and living off dog food. Voting rights, labor laws, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., etc. – all from the evil liberals.

    Here’s the funny part. The cons are opposed to a public OPTION. We’re not even talking a full nationalized, single-payer program. We’re talking about giving people who can’t get access to regular/non-emergency health care AN OPTION. But of course, this option will be so sexy, everyone will be abandon the poor defenseless insurance companies. Right. If only FedEx and UPS didn’t have to deal with that pesky Postal Service, they could actually turn a profit.

    The Dems in Congress are effing this up just as much as the Repubs, but in times like these I’m always reminded of a blind quote by an old timey Western politician, who said “Democrats make me ashamed to be an American, but Republicans make me ashamed to be a human being.”

    Weren’t these people s’posed to “Go Galt?” I’m waiting, please…go.

  20. LaMont Cement Says:

    This is not a joke. I really think he has something mentally wrong with him.

  21. Matt Says:

    He’s a lunatic, Palin (and Americans) are stupid, conservatives are morons, Repubs are a-holes. Maybe if the left spent less time name-calling and focused on the ideas they’d convince more people. Instead you alienate. I know it happens on oth sides. As Pastor E.V. Hill said, “Everyone is worried about the left and right wings, when it’s the bird that’s important.” (Of course, what did he know? He liked to cling to his religion.)

  22. andrew Says:

    soo funny! this clip clearly shows his inability to interpret the most basic ideas of a piece of art.

  23. Dan Grillo Says:

    I watched only the first two minutes of it, as I did not want to hear the blathering about Obama and socialism. However, I did not think his theory about the sculpture on Rockefeller Center was all that off base-they certainly weren’t the luantic ravings of a madman. As one poster pointed out, in the 1920s and 30’s communism and socialism were very popular in some circles-they were seen as progressive systems, particularly after the Depression hit, millions were out of work and the Soviet Union was presenting itself as a “Worker’s Paradise.” Artists and entertainers in particular were drawn to it-the Group Theatre put on plays like Clifford Odets’ “Waiting For Lefty,” which had an unashamedly radical bent. Diego Rivera painted Lenin into a mural at Rockefeller Center as well.

    What am I getting at? Only that Beck’s interpretation of the relief carvings holding the hammer and the sickle may not be as insane as many think. It would not surprise me at all to learn that the sculptor snuck the symbols of communism into the sculpture as a way of sticking it to Rockefeller, the ultimate symbol of American capitalism, hoping that the stody, capitalist tightass would never notice. I don’t know who carved it, so I can’t say for sure.

  24. Dan Grillo Says:

    Those typos should actually read “lunatic” and “stodgy.”

  25. Matt Says:

    And if they are really, really nutty, they get hired as a czar.

  26. Andy EN Says:

    It would be interesting to see Beck’s reaction to visiting the Fremont area of Seattle, where there’s actually a Lenin statue in front of a Taco del Mar. No alleged hidden symbolism there; Lenin is present plain as day!

  27. Nelson Says:

    Andy EN

    I live in Renton,WA and I know exactly what area you are talking about….thats funny that you mention that


  28. Chris M. Says:

    Beck’s nothing but a self-inflated gasbag. Problem is there are gullible idiots out there who will believe him.

  29. Joe TCS Says:

    He’s a less intelligent version of Michael Savage. I think he is well intentioned and sane most of the time, but then he goes on ridiculous rants. Why bother with the guy? He’s harmless.

  30. Chris Says:

    Someone mentioned seeing it above, but if you haven’t seen this yet, you should take a look. Olbermann tears apart that video you posted of Glenn Beck. It’s hilarious.

  31. Michael Desantis Says:

    Olbermann did another on of Friday, at 5:11 keith quotes Willy Wonka. Olbermann is brillant!

  32. Bruce Wayne Says:

    @ Sean

    Olbermann, unlike Beck, is not socially irresponsible in the comments he makes. Yes, Olbermann tears apart people like Beck, but he does so with commentary and not by making up stories or using half-truths and trying to pass his commentary off as fact when he, and we the viewer, know damn well that it’s just his opinion. The difference is that Olbermann knows that he’s a commentator and stays a commentator, while Beck uses crap like this “communist imagery” as fuel to feed those of a lesser mind.

    If Olbermann tells people that Obama is a Communist, his viewers will laugh it off. If Beck tells his viewers that Obama is a Communist, his viewers will believe it 100%. Has Olbermann ever accused Bush of ever being racist, or being foreign born, or a communist or someone that wants the total destruction of America? No. Now has Beck said these things about Obama? Yes, and the sad part is that there isn’t one iota of truth to anything Beck says.

    There are many that think that Obama hates white people. Beck only perpetuates this idea. All I have to say is that only in America can the President — who is half white and was raised by his white mother and white grandparents — be accused of having a deep hatred and racist attituded towards white poeple. In America, there isn’t an idea stupid enough that it won’t catch on. Beck realizes this and uses this to full advantage in his rants.

    In short, I have never seen so much bitter hatred from one party over the results of an election. I think the far right wing needs to realize that they Republicans got swept out of office in the House, Senate, and White House in November, and we have a man of mixed raced named Barack Hussein Obama as the President of the United States of America. He won by almost 10,000,000 votes by the way. Guys like Beck, these worthless Tea Partyer’s and these internet conspiracy loons that show up at these town hall events shouting down any and all Democrats are nothing more than sore losers who can’t come to terms with the fact that they lost in the last election. If anything, it’s guys like Beck that do nothing more than define the Republican Party of today as just a bunch of bitter cry-babies.

  33. Van Jones Says:

    If it wasn’t for Beck, I’d still be preaching to Obama about Republican assholes, white polluters, crackhead ex-presidents, and the benefits of communism and anarchy! If we can get Beck and others like him off the air, me and my friends can really make some changes around here!

  34. Sean Says:

    “I have never seen so much bitter hatred from one party over the results of an election.”

    LOL! Are you serious?

    And we’ll just have to agree to disagree regarding Olbermann since I’ve seen many, many clips of him saying horrible and dishonest things about others for purely partisan reasons.

  35. Bruce Wayne Says:

    @ Sean

    Yes, I’m serious. The far right is grasping at straws, criticizing and making issues out of non-issues on everything about Obama. Everything. From using teleprompters to using Dijon mustard. Even something as innocent as a speech to school kids telling them to stay in school, study hard, get good grades and realize their dreams is seen as by many conservative bloggers, talk-show hosts, and pundits as a “government indoctrination into the cult of personality.” Conservative flamethrower Mike Savage went so far as to say that Obama is preaching to kids to make them into the “Obama Youth” much like the “Hitler Youth.”

    This is just getting out of hand, and guys like Savage and Beck and many others are just being socially irresponsible. They’re creating idiots and a whole generation of divisiveness in this country. It’s really sad. There are so many sore losers out there ever since the 2008 elections, that anything, even the most minute of things can be overblown into a political controversy.

    It’s okay to be partisan — If you want to criticize Obama on his POLITICAL POLICIES (i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, immigration) go ahead. Olbermann criticizes many Republicans and their policies. But when you start making outright LIES and trying to pass them off as fact (i.e. Birthers, government indoctrination, “death panels,” etc.) which is what Beck, and Malkin, and others of the like are currently doing, that’s when you lose all credibility; you’re no longer a partisan talking head ala Shields and Brooks, but just a bitter liar. That’s the case with Beck. He hasn’t one iota of credibility and is nothing more than just the average loon Fox happened to pick up off the street and give him his own show. As seen in this clip he is a liar sowing the seeds of bitter hatred.

  36. Sean Says:

    GWB got the same kind of treatment from the Left when he was in office (just as Clinton got it from the Right and Bush sr. again got it from the Left), to claim Obama has it worse is to deny reality and even VERY recent history.

    Neither side has a monopoly on unhinged “socially irresponsible” cranks.

  37. Eric Says:

    I read in the paper the other day that Beck is going to be receiving the key to the city from his hometown. If that’s not enough to make you want to move to Canada, I don’t know what is. I wouldn’t give this clown the key to a gas-station restroom.

  38. Sean Says:

    So the mayor of Mount Vernon WA (population 33K!) giving some pundit a meaningless “honor” is reason to flee ones nation?

  39. Chris M. Says:

    Hey Sean,

    I got one word for you: Xanax

  40. Sean Says:

    I would be interested in how you think simply naming an anti-anxiety drug relates to the topic or anything I’ve said.

    If you wanted to imply I am in some way crazy for having an opinion that differs from yours perhaps you should have chosen something like Thorazine or Haldol for your anemic rebuttal.

  41. michael Says:

    This is absolute LUNATIC TALK! Beck is a lunatic preaching to the ignorant! I can’t believe and DON’T believe all Republicans are this insane. He preaches to the far right loons who believe sound-bites over actually studying the facts! Like I heard from one pundit, Obama and the Democrats can find the cure for Cancer and the right-wing will find a way to shoot it down and discredit it! “Oh, it will cost to much! You won’t get the treatment because your’e too old!! Only illegal immigrants will qualify for the treatment under the Obama plan! Under the Obama plan, you’ll have to trade in your guns to receive the treatment!” Lunatics!!!

  42. elliott Says:

    Each success only buys an admission ticket to a more difficult problem.

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