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Sex bomb.

“E” should forget about Sloan.


Ashley’s the real deal.

15 Responses to “Sex bomb.”

  1. Elphie's twin Says:

    Just one tiny problem: Ashley kinda looks underage.

  2. chris Says:

    ashley? yuch. she looks like one of kramer’s pasta scupltures. only she is made from spaghetti. someone get that girl a sammich

  3. Agatha Says:

    “Sloan” is gorgeous. “Ashley” is pretty but kinda odd looking. Too small of a face and too scrunched up.

    Sloan is a pretty intelligent and serious woman who had very reasonable reasons about not entering another relationship with E. Ashley isn’t as smart, experienced or deep.

    E and Sloan would make me happier.

  4. Master of Supplication Says:

    Is Roeper being sarcastic? Ashley broke E’s french press! She’s controlling and way too young and not very intelligent. Sloan is the ‘real deal’. E and Sloan would make me happier too 🙂

  5. Paul Says:

    sloan win hands down unless you are Bill Murray. OMG i would have loved that.

  6. Ritch Says:

    My vote is for Ashley. Kinda reminds me of Pia Zodora from back in the day…

  7. Elphie's twin Says:

    What SHOULD happen (but won’t since this is Entourage,which I love because of Jeremy Piven as Ari) is “E” should treat “Ashley” like what she is: a silly little girl playing dress up and stay with Sloan.

  8. Damon Says:

    Sloan all the way. Ashley just gives me this creepy she’s too young for me vibe.

  9. The Truth Says:

    He’d be happier with Lloyd.

  10. mark hebert Says:

    Sloan is a no-brainer -Ashley needs to eat a full meal……..

  11. mark hebert Says:

    sloan is a no-brainer -Ashley PLEASE EAT…….

  12. Joe TCS Says:

    Okay, I’m sick of people thinking Sloan is hot. Both of them are ugly. He needs to move on from both of them.

  13. burbank66 Says:

    Ashley seriously needs to eat and stop trying to kill Frodo for that ring…she’s Golum on a bad hair day.

  14. Cribbster Says:

    I tend to be very good with faces. I remember them. It’s a problem I completely forgot Ashley played Michael Cera’s ex-girlfriend in “Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist.” Though that movie was equally forgettable.

    Sloan all the way. She kills it.

  15. Paul Says:

    Wow…so many people bashing a hot actress…Wow. Iam all about sloan but the girl playing Ashley is not golum for real grow up she is easliy and 8 while sloan is a 9

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