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Today’s over/under question.

Do you think Britney Spears has more bikinis in her closet…


Britney Spears




…or books in her home?


13 Responses to “Today’s over/under question.”

  1. monkeybeat Says:

    Do phone books count? If so I’d have to say Bikinis out number books 20 to 1.

  2. Chris Says:

    Magazines…of herself!!

  3. Gregory Hardy Says:

    C’mon, you know how this stuff works. She gets free bikinis every day from top designers … but Time/Life books? Methinks she’s not in their freebie demographic …

  4. Elphie's twin Says:

    The only “book” in her house is a Victoria’s Secret catalog; she probably points to a picture (much like a small child) and one of her people gets it for her.

  5. ChicagoBigD Says:

    There might be a few “You Know You are a Redneck When” titles, but clearly more bikinis.

  6. James Otto Says:

    (Off topic) So, are you compiling your best of the 00’s? God, I can’t believe this decade is almost over. For what it’s worth, my #1 is ‘Lost in Translation’

  7. Ranman Says:

    I choose answer number three: I don’t care.
    Can’t stand her *ahem* “music”. Can’t stand her behavior.

    But I could look at her all day.

  8. Penguin Says:

    I can see her going nuts for the Time/Life “Mysteries of the Unknown” series…

  9. Neil Says:

    I hear she has a bikini made of books.

  10. Jerry U Says:

    The way that she regularly changes shapes, she’s the Robert Deniro of pop stars.

  11. tom Says:

    “The Great Fatsby”

  12. Elphie's Twin Says:

    I was thinking her biography could be called “How to be an idiot and influence people.”

  13. 1britneyfan Says:

    When you look that good, people want to give you their bikinis to wear-knowing everyone else will copy people (like Britney) and go out and purchase one! It also doesn’t hurt being like the most photographed woman on the planet w/fans galore….even you haters took time to write a comment on her…..;-)

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