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Don’t you. Forget. About me.

Trailer for the upcoming documentary about John Hughes…

3 Responses to “Don’t you. Forget. About me.”

  1. Christopher Stipp Says:

    I, and feel free to excise this post, interviewed these filmmakers about the documentary last year and, creepily enough, the cover story for this month’s Geek Monthly magazine ran my piece 2 weeks before John’s unfortunate death. You can, if you’re not into that whole reading magazine thing, read the 1st part of the interview I did with them that I posted weeks ago right here: They’re really candid about the process of making this documentary and, what I found interesting, it was more telling about who put up a fight to be in it rather than who wanted to openly talk about it.

  2. Agatha Says:

    Sigh. I always found Hughes’ movies fun but a complete and total fantasy of teenage life. I was a teenager a few years ago. Nothing anywhere near anything in Hughes’ movies ever happened to me or anyone I knew.

  3. Elphie's Twin Says:

    I am a lot older than Agatha and I have to agree; no one I knew was anything like the characters in his movies. It also kind of bothers me that the girls in his movies are rather forgettable while the boys are cool and interesting.

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