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Never look back.

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

How many movies feature that familiar shot of the hero walking away from a fiery inferno, never looking back even when there’s a giganto explosion that should singe the hair off the back of his neck? (Although in most cases, you don’t have Dakota Fanning with you as you’re walking way. Come to think of it, I don’t think Denzel ever had Dakota with him when he walked away from the exploding car in “Man on Fire.”)


And as you can probably guess, there’s a movie coming out soon with yet another “Never Look Back” scene.

Radio days.

Monday, April 27th, 2009

I’ll be on WGN (720-AM) at 5:15 CST today.

In the meantime, I’m working on a column about the Oprah “aha moment” dust-up, transcribing notes for the gambling book, catching up with emails and updating via Twitter and Facebook. Something tells me I’m not going to get to the gym today, but I’ll make up for it with a two-mile hike to a bookstore on the North Side. (If it rains, I’ll cab my ass back to the home office.)

Hope your Monday is going well!


Is this the most cynical bumper sticker ever?

Sunday, April 26th, 2009


It’s certainly one of the most childish comments I’ve ever seen plastered on somebody’s car. As I wrote when Barack Obama was elected, only the most naive of Americans would think the new president would have magical powers to cure all of what ails us. So three months after the Inauguration, you’re asking how that whole hope and change thing is working out for us? What’s your point? To get an easy laugh? To show everyone how clever and cynical you can be?

Don’t get me wrong. If you want to junk up your car with a bumper sticker proclaiming ANYTHING, I’m all for it. The right to free speech extends to kitschy automobile philosophies. But that message tells me the owner of that car is gloating over what he/she perceives to be some kind of monumental failure on the part of the Obama administration. As if John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Jesus himself could have turned things around in 100 days.

Greetings from Ebertfest.

Friday, April 24th, 2009

More than 1,000 movie-lovers turned out last night to see a screening of the Oscar-nominated “Trouble the Water,” the stunning documentary about Hurricane Katrina, as experienced by (and videotaped by) lifelong residents of one of the poorest sections of New Orleans. Documentarians Carl Deal (a Champaign native) and Tia Lessin were in attendance, as were Kimberly and Scott Roberts, the stars of the film. After the movie, I joined them onstage for a lively panel discussion, followed by a hip-hop performance from Kimberly. If you haven’t seen “Trouble the Water,” it’s now playing on HBO.

Butchering Beyonce’s vocals.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The computer whiz who butchered Beyonce’s vocals and hoaxed the world explains it all. Fine, you’re not ‘stupid.’ In fact, you’re obviously a bright young man, and you make some cogent points about the ways in which celebrities are helped by pitch-correction software, photo retouching etc.

But this was still a pissy little thing to do. And I’m not so sure that embarrassing Beyonce and duping the likes of Howard Stern is going to help you find a job.

Twitter. Eat. Twitter.

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Funny piece from Melissa Grego at Broadcasting & Cable:

Who in TV Ate What Today — According to Twitter

April 23, 2009


We’ve all been hearing a lot recently about Twitter, its democratization of media/info/etc etc and the incredible things we can all learn from it. In the last few days, I couldn’t resist the urge to check out how it’s evolved since I set up a couple of accounts last year, which I’ve left largely dormant until now.This weekend I picked one account ( and started checking out who was on this thing and what I might find out. In the space of a few hours Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled on more info about exactly how/where/when people in the TV business spent their meals today than even my overactive imagination could have dreamed up. Some examples:

*As I watched Lil Rounds ushered off American Idol on my TV at home Wednesday night, I glanced at my Twitter feed on my laptop and saw ABC News’ George Stephanopoulus had just finished a breakfast of “flatbread w sour cherries” in Tehran.

*Earlier this evening, Martha Stewart was “at the riverkeeper dinner at chelsea pier bobby kennedy’s table with mayor bloomberg and j mcenroe etc.”

*Richard Roeper took a break from watching the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game when his food delivery arrived Wednesday night.

*A little before 5 pm PT, Alyssa Milano was headed to dinner. She tweeted: “Okay. I am off to dinner now. Thank you to everyone for following and just being awesome.”

*Before I left the office I learned that Twitterista and Warner Bros. communications exec Tammy Golihew (aka TeeVeeGal) had dinner at Smokehouse “with two fellow pubs and one producer.”

*And earlier on Wednesday, Paris Hilton or a member of her entourage were noted as having overdone their perfume while attending the HRTS reality TV luncheon at the Beverly Hilton (ok, I tweeted that amidst a cloud of fragrance as Hilton and friends walked by).

Follow me at for more Mel’s Diner updates and other very special … tweets.


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Please hold all registry requests.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Something tells me this particular wedding registry will soon be shut down.

McAllister/Markoff wedding.


From a Time interview with Roger.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Q. “You recently severed your working relationship with Disney, stepping away from your television show and taking your trademarked thumbs with you. Any plans for when those thumbs might return to TV? And what do you think of the new At the Movies program, hosted by Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz?”

A. “I’m pleased that Richard Roeper and I will be presenting a new movie review program, to be announced in the near future. It will involve Richard, of the Chicago Sun-Times, Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune and Christy Lemire of the Associated Press. I have made no public comment about what Disney has done to our show.”

You can read the complete interview here.

Time magazine interview with Roger Ebert

I’ll be heading down to Champaign-Urbana tomorrow. Thursday evening, Roger will screen the amazing documentary “Trouble the Water,” and I’ll moderate the post-screening discussion. On Friday morning, I’ll be participating in a critics’ panel.


Tuesday, April 21st, 2009


Thanks for the kudos, Waco!

Controversy over Miss California comments is ridiculous.

Photo essay.

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Thought I’d share a few iPhone photos from my recent adventures.

Lots of chips and a cold PBR. It doesn’t get much better than that. Well OK, it does–but nevertheless.


I don’t usually play the video poker games, but I dropped a few bucks into one while waiting for a beer at Caesars in Vegas, and voila. Straight flush.


At a  charity event with my friends Craig Carter, Tim King (future president of the United States) and Chris Zorich. WTF is the deal with that hair, RR.

My friend MC with “House,” who works at the Boss Bar. Looks like one of those shots you see in the Guinness Book of Records. House is just a LITTLE bit taller than MC.

My friend Karl, helping some guy with his golf game.

This signed Tracy Nelson photo was on the wall in the makeup room in the studio complex where I did a shoot for Starz the other day. The studio is in Denver. Wasn’t “The Father Dowling Mysteries” set in Chicago? I’m so confused…

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