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Tonight Show

Friday, January 16th, 2009

On Monday’s “Tonight Show,” David Duchovny read an excerpt from my review of “House of D,” a film he directed, wrote and starred in. (I know you don’t remember it. Nobody saw it.) And then he stuck around to critique my performance. Pretty funny stuff–and all in good fun. We had a nice chat during the commercial break, and he stopped by the Green Room after the taping to wish me well and shake my hand.


Flight 1549

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I’ve heard it again and again: the site of those passengers standing on the wings of US Airways Flight 1549 was like “something out of a movie.” It DID look like something out of a disaster movie, only this time the story had a happy ending. Everyone survived. The most serious injury was a broken leg. And a previously unknown veteran pilot named Sully is the new Harrison Ford. He’s a true hero.

Now let’s start casting the TV movie about the flight. James Brolin as Sully, Kathy Griffin as a wise-cracking passenger, Angie Harmon as a flight attendant who’s getting married in a week but ends up on the plane after switching shifts with her best friend, Masi Oka as the graduate student who warns the airport about geese migration patterns, but no one will listen to him…

Rich on “The Tonight Show” next Monday!

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

I’ll be on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” next Monday, Jan. 12, to recap the Golden Globes and to talk about the Oscars and about plans for a future show.

First guest: Patrick Swayze.
Musical guest: The All-American Rejects.

11:35pm on the coasts, 10:35pm CST!

Cardinals, Chargers and “Hostel Part II”

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Of the Cardinals, the Chargers and why I’m so hostile about “Hostel Part II:

This is why I stopped betting on sports (other than the fact that it’s ILLEGAL and WRONG, ha ha ha):

I thought the Arizona Cardinals were much better six weeks ago than they are now, and I figured Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and the Atlanta Falcons would take them down. I also believed Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts were maybe the best team in the NFL going into the playoffs and they’d defeat the 8-8 Chargers, who admittedly have been coming on.

A. Never discount home-field advantage.
B. What do I know anyway?

The Cards and the Chargers advanced. For the Colts and the Falcons, it’s go home, as Faith Hill would sing.

One other programming note from Saturday: For some reason as I clicking around between watching the NFL playoffs and taking down my holiday decorations, I started watching “Hostel Part II” which was playing on one of the premium cable channels. (We somehow managed to avoid reviewing it on “Ebert & Roeper” when it was released.)

What a putrid, soul-sucking piece of garbage. How does a movie like that get an R rating? The violence and blood was pornographic and devoid of anything approaching the neighborhood of entertainment or art. From the scenes of children beating on a woman to the extended torture sequences to the beheading to the sequence in which kids PLAY SOCCER WITH A DECAPITATED WOMAN’S HEAD, this was one of the most depressing and disgusting movies I’ve ever seen. If you’re an actor, I don’t know how you take a role in a film like this without feeling like shit about it. I know I felt like shit just watching parts of the damn thing.

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